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Don’t Die Hard When You Can Enjoy These Movie Games Instead


Die Hard, a rather questionable in quality movie licensed/tie-in game, hit Google Play and iTunes recently and well, it is not being received that well by critics.  Basically the game is being rounded for various things such as in app purchases and lack of any real originality but personally, I don’t think the game was that bad- though definitely plenty of room for improvement (it does beat out the original Total Recall game on NES by A LONG SHOT though).  Here are some other movie tie in games that gamers may be more receptiveto and able to glean more enjoyment from rather than Bruce Willis’ latest movie going experience in game form.

First up we have Captain America: Sentinel of Liberty (also on iTunes) by Marvel Games.  Cap’s game is similar to Die Hard in that it is a level based running game though in 2.5D format rather than 3D.  The Captain can attack, slide, jump, etc as he takes on the bad guys in the game helping keep the game fresh and interesting.  One addition to the game play here is that you can turn the other way and run the opposite direction at certain points rather than being limited to one direction.

Total Recall (iTunes), a similarly recent movie to Die Hard (it has ties to an older title but is more of a remake than a continuation of the franchise).  Total Recall is also similar to Die Hard in that it is an on rails shooter, though from the first person perspective rather than the third person.  Levels are more closely based on the movie than Bruce Willis’ game also.

Amazing Spider-Man (iTunes), another Marvel game, this time by Gameloft, shows off how to make a movie tie-in game in style (much like the Batman game, also in this article).  Not following the movie point for point is key here, giving the player freedom to enjoy the movie world is where success lies.  Using a 3D engine that keeps the action flowing and entertaining powers the exploits of the latest Spider-Man.

The Dark Knight Rises (iTunes) is another 3D action adventure title that takes the movie world and lets the player loose in it to dish out justice as they see fit.  Based on the last Christian Bale version of Batman movie of the same name, the game involves stealth, fighting and driving sequences.

There you go, four licensed, movie tie-in games that are better than Die Hard.  Of course, your enjoyment of any of these games may be effected by your interest in the source material. Some of the images used were captured using the JXD S7300 Android device.

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