Dragon Project Aims for Monster Hunter on Android

Dragon Project title screen

We have yet to see a Monster Hunter game on Android and that is a shame. Capcom should really get on that sooner than later. Why? Because of games like Dragon Project by goGame – a new developer dipping their toes in the Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game (MMORPG) world. That is why. Don’t believe me? Check out the trailer after the jump. Looks mighty good.

Based in the fictional Kingdom of Heiland, Dragon Project pits you as a hunter on a mission. Teaming up with other hunters in the game is the necessary evil as you are taking on beasts of gigantic proportions. Not all your foes are dragons but for the most part, they will be. That is not a terrible thing by any means as these are not your everyday dragons – these are beasts. Hungry beasts at that.

The Kingdom of Heiland is an open world for you in Dragon Project so go explore. Just make sure to not get lost as the game is expansive. Along your journey you will gather precious material that will be used to forge new armor and new arms to bring into battle. These armaments will be your only saving grace as you face off against hundreds of huge creatures that would love nothing more than to end your career as a hunter early and swiftly.

Dragon Project features five classes of weapons from bows to bladed weapons. If you prefer a certain weapon type, odds are you will find it in Dragon Project. If you find yourself needing a more powerful weapon but no materials to forge it, use Magi to enhance what you have.

Dragon Project Android

Capcom should probably get on a port of Monster Hunter to Android. Or not. I mean, they have yet to port a version of Street Fighter (any of them) to Android while they have no problem doing so for iOS. We see you Capcom. For fans of Monster Hunter, Dragon Project could scratch that itch because Capcom isn’t too concerned with it.

Pre-register for Dragon Project on Google Play or grab the APK directly from goGame and start killing ferocious dragons right now.

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