Dragon Warrior III Gives Erdrick Origin Story on Nintendo NES – Today in Retro Gaming – June 12th 1992

Origin stories in comic books are commonplace.  Not so much in video games.  That did not stop Enix (now Square Enix) from doing just that with Dragon Warrior III on the Nintendo Entertainment System.  Released in 1992, the game was the final part of the trilogy that makes up the Erdrick storyline- it is told backwards for some reason.  Dragon Warrior III was the first in the story and the first DW game was actually the last in the story arc.  I guess it is the Star Wars analogy – start with the part of the story that is most likely to succeed at that time- worry about the rest later.  It seems to have worked though as there were almost 10 games in this series.

The ideas and experiences given to players that took up the quest was quite broad for the time.  During a time when night and day cycles were rare in console role playing games, Dragon Warrior III had them.  Quests, characters and items were only available for use at certain times of day which helped push that the game world was more of a real one.  This third entry, or the first however you look at it, also featured a huge open world.  The party you lead is also more than just one character, like Dragon Warrior, in that you have many members available to help with fights and quests.

The Dragon Warrior games, known as Dragon Quest in Japan, are in the history books for not only being good games, but something else too.  In Japan when a Dragon Quest game was released there was rampant truancy with school age gamers and even fights in the crowds for copies.  We never had this problem in America since Dragon Warrior was simply not that popular here.  For console gamers, role playing games were still an anomaly that a minority enjoyed.

Dragon Warrior III has seen re-release on many platforms over the years.  There is an Android and iPhone remake available but nothing for the Nintendo Virtual Console for some reason.