Dungeon Kingdom to Make Early Access Available Soon

Okay, I have to admit, again, that I am a major fan of the first person dungeon crawler style role playing game.  It is a niche that I simply cannot get enough of.  You can keep your Legend of Zelda style overhead action RPG’s, I am content traversing the latest, or older, 3D first person dungeon crawler that comes along.  King’s Field was good but the action based combat was “off” to me.  I prefer the Dungeon Master, Alternate Reality: The City and Alternate Reality: The Dungeon style of turn based combat.  Mapping out dungeons on graph paper is, for some reason, something I find quite enjoyable- marking traps, doors and where healing options lay as I go.  Dungeon Kingdom is looking to be one of those types of games that I will probably get lost in when it releases on a myriad of platforms.  The question is, will you get lost in the dungeons too?

One gripe I do have about Dungeon Kingdom right off the bat is the same I have with Dungeon Master- I prefer to control one person in these types of games.  I won’t fault the developers for this just yet, there may be an option to go it alone, hopefully scaling back the difficulty accordingly.  It is just a pet peeve of mine with these first person role playing games.  Probably something I should get over some day- it is not like I will avoid these games if there is a party option.

According to our friends over at Indie Retro News, Dungeon Kingdom will feature cross platform saves, continuous “non-loading” levels and graphics to die for.  Judging by the screen shots, Dungeon Kingdom is definitely one of the better looking first person RPG’s I have seen lately.  Kudos for that.  Now, let’s talk about getting some grime and grit into those beautifully detailed hallways.

One thing that Alternate Reality promised was eventually to offer wilderness areas.  Dungeon Kingdom is doing that right off the bat, not through a promise of a far flung into the future expansion pack that never sees release.  Thank you.

Dungeon Kingdoms will see release on Steam for PC and Macintosh, iOS, Android and Windows Phone (I am happy about that last one since I just got a Windows Phone- now make sure it supports the Lumia 635, guys).  Early access for Dungeon Kingdom is planned for later this month.

Source: Indie Retro News