Dynamite Headdy Proves Using Your Head Works – Today in Retro Gaming – August 4th, 1994

Sega had a lot of work ahead of them when they were able to take the lead in the 16-Bit race.  Nintendo was coming with the Super Nintendo and it was guaranteed to be a sales success and Sega knew it.  While Sega fumbled quite a bit early on, they were able to turn things around later on in the life of the Sega Genesis.  Dynamite Headdy was one of those titles that got gamers, and the press of the time, talking.  This game throws so much on the screen at times that it is amazing to behold. 

Much like the choreographed carnage of Gunstar Heroes, another Treasure release on the Sega Genesis, Dynamite Headdy was amazing.  This was yet another 2D side scrolling tour de force for Sega- if only they had marketed it better.  That can be said of a lot of Sega’s later Genesis games and Sega Saturn games though.  The marketing team was just not as robust and “in your face” as the firm that created “Welcome to the Next Level” and the one behind the “SEGA!” scream.  Gamers that took a chance on Dynamite Headdy were rewarded with an action game that has not been replicated since.

The major play mechanic of Dynamite Headdy is that you are able to literally use your head.  Seriously.  Your main weapon is your head itself.  You can throw it, upgrade it, and use it defensively at times.  As with most Tresure games though, there is more going on than you see at first.  That is true in Dynamite Headdy as there are tons of little things going on.  I won’t ruin things for you but pay special attention to the scenic trappings in the first level for a hint as to what is going on.  The bosses are on another level all to themselves.

If you have not played Dynamite Headdy then you are missing out.  Thankfully Sega released it on the Sega Genesis, Sega Game Gear and Sega Master System (in certain countries) and on the Nintendo Wii and Wii U Virtual Console.  Dynamite Headdy has also seen re-release in collections for the Playstation 2, Nintendo Wii, Playstation 3, Xbox 360 and Microsoft Windows (such as on Steam).  Finally, if you want a physical copy head over to Ebay (affiliate link).

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