Ebay: Atari Lynx Driving School Educational Release Up For Auction

Okay, in the United States, and most of the rest of the world, the Atari Lynx was pretty much a commercial failure. While an interesting portable, it really had no chance against the cheaper Game Boy, even though that Nintendo hand held didn’t even have a color screen and the screen blurred whenever you simply looked at it. Apparently, in Germany, the Atari Lynx was popular enough to warrant the Driving Theory Test and Highway Code Department to have a Portables Informations and Training System programmed and released. Now, a complete copy is on Ebay.

As mentioned just a second ago, this is a German based drivers education program that used the Atari Lynx to assist new drivers in learning the rules of the road. This education program features digitzed photos of the test scenarios downsampled to fit the Atari Lynx screen.

atari lynx german driving school

The cool thing about this release is that it comes in a transparent briefcase with the console, game and manuals. Talk about getting your money’s worth. This is definitely a rare (not many were produced) release that any true collector needs to have in their collections.  Open the pocket book and hit Ebay.

Source: Retrocollect