Egglia: Legend of the Red Cap is Secret of Mana Meets Town Building

In a world that is torn apart by the forces of evil! You have one of two choices! Will your fight to survive and unite the world once more, or will you perish at the hands of those same enemies? Now, the choices are clear, defeat is not an option… pick up your blade, a red cap, and fight! But, hold on, as you’ll also have to stop and rebuild the world and your own town… even if it means saving adventures for later! This summary is basically the plot of Egglia: Legend of the Red Cap on the IOS and Google Play.  Published by DMM, and developed by a team composed of members who worked on titles such as: Mother 3, and even Kingdom Hearts. But, while the pedigree of the developers certainly shines through this fantastic title, is it worth the price tag?

Story wise the concept of Egglia: Legend of the Red Cap is rather intriguing. Egglia is a world torn asunder after a great war with the ogres. Now each piece of the world lies within eggs that have to be collected in order to restore the world back to its former glory, but who can tackle such an incredible feat of courage? Enter Chabo and Robin, the former is an amnesiac hero who serves as the player character with the latter being bound by destiny (duty?) to collect the eggs, open them, and restore the world. However, while robin initially starts the game with one of these eggs, she can’t open it as only the goblins have the ability to perform such a feat! Yet, the forest that leads to the town with goblins has been captured by enemies and it’s up to Chabo to free the forest and help Robin collect the rest of these eggs!

Collecting eggs allows players to open up new parts of the world which they will then be able to explore. Exploring the unlocked locations will then yield more eggs which will continue the process, but if the player ever wants a break from the adventuring they can do so in their very own village. By collecting eggs, you’ll also gather materials during battles in your journey and these materials will allow you to continue upgrading the town founded by Robin. An additional perk to the exploration and gathering elements is that you’ll find characters that will eventually come to live in your town and bring eggs with them. Using these eggs will bring about different perks such as moving the storyline further, side-quest and more characters. Yet, the world of Egglia despite being elementally varied is lacking in the variety of adversaries you can face which is rather sad for such a great game especially during combat.

Fighting in Egglia: Legend of the Red Cap is done on a hexagonal grid system. This provides Egglia with a particularly strategic flavor. At the beginning of the players turn they’ll roll a die which will provide them with actions. For example, rolling 5 will give the player potentially 2 movement and 3 actions such as attacks or opening treasure chests. But, if you started the turn rolling a 5 and are next to a monster you can simply use an attack and it will be powered up by all 5 points of the die. This system ensures players have to think about their actions before taking them and not simply attacking everything in sight. Yet, in order to keep the game from becoming too easy, the developers added restrictions to how long you can spend in each stage/floor.

Stages have a set limit of turns before you lose. Furthermore the amount of turns is directly proportional to the difficulty of the stage and is often unrestrictive enough to allow players enough time to find and pick up everything in the level. As a mobile title this is actually a great concept seeing as battery life for your platform can be limited. But, by reaching the next floor you’ll start the counter for the next level and find even more opportunities for grinding treasures. Enemies in the game spawn from holes that can be destroyed in order to stop them, Another aspect of the die roll system is that it brings luck into the table and as anyone familiar with Dungeons and Dragons will tell you, at times it feels like the heart of the die is against you. But, even if you constantly have a set of bad rolls it doesn’t mean strategy won’t win out in the end as the environment in each level can help you with proper use of sneaking, and use of choke points. Finally, mana is used to summon support spirits.

The support spirits give your character stat boosts in the form of attack and defense raises depending on where it is equipped. If it’s equipped as an attack support then it will provide elements and attack raises and vice versa for defense providing elemental defense and a raise in the stat. Each turn that passes the character gains one mana point that can eventually be used on these support spirits. As such, the early parts of combat will be slow, but as you gain more points the action simultaneously picks up! Essentially the system forces you to wait a little bit before digging into the action. Still, these facts don’t detract the enjoyment of the game.  But, there is one particular caveat that did affect the enjoyment of the game for me. An always online DRM…

Egglia: Legend of the Red Cap is an example of what a fully fledge game should be on the mobile systems. Featuring a solid story with great gameplay elements and the additional town building simulation concept truly gives players a rather unique experience for this platform. It’s not often consumers will see the amount of care and detail that was pushed into Egglia: Legend of the Red Cap. Released during the first week of August Egglia is a game that should not make you feel remorseful after making the 9.99 USD purchase. But, keep in mind the game requires the player to be online at all times as a form of DRM, which is absolutely loathsome as some players like myself don’t have this luxury during long deployment hours. Still, updates are continually coming out at the moment, and I’m certain more variety in content will keep improving the title as the months pass.

Available now on IOS and Android Egglia: Legend of the Red Cap is a fantastic title that deserves to be played!