Emulation News: Nintendo Patents Game Boy Emulation on Other Platforms

Okay, this is a rather vague patent, much like most gaming related patents.  Basically, Nintendo has patented a method in which to emulate the Game Boy, presumably the DS line too, on platforms other than Nintendo bred units.  According to Tech Crunch this could include seat-back displays in planes and trains and even cell phones such as the iPhone and Android devices.  Nintendo has already offered spin off applications for Pokemon on the iPhone so it is not all that farfetched that they might be interested in pursuing more.

This patent is explicitly for emulation though, something Nintendo has been against for decades (if done by others) but supported on their own hardware for a while now.  The Gamecube is the first Nintendo console to offer an officially emulated release (with the Legend of Zelda: Collector’s Edition).  Since then Nintendo has offered emulation of many classic games on their Wii and Wii U and 3DS mobile device.Super_Mario_Bros._3_NES_ScreenShot3

Nintendo has yet to support the Android platform with any kind of official software but have shone a keen eye on the iOS platform.  This does not bode well for Android gamers though as it seems Nintendo is showing a fair bit of favoritism for Apple devices.  So far, Nintendo has only offered spin-off applications, unlike Capcom, Square Enix and a handful of other companies that have gone full bore with the mobile game world.

If Nintendo were to bring their “Virtual Console” to the iPhone it could be just what Apple needs to turn the tide back in their favor (Android has been picking up quite a bit in the last several years).  It would be awesome to be able to legally play Super Mario Bros 3 or Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past on my iPod Touch.  It would be even better to be able to play them on the JXD S7300B (or S7800B) which has hardware controls available.

Source: Techcrunch.com