Ending Friendships with a Smile with Super Mario Kart on Super Nintendo – Today in History – September 1st, 1992

If you are a retro gamer of any sort then you know at least a little bit about Super Mario Kart. Super Mario Kart was not the first racing game, just like Super Mario Bros was not the first side scrolling action game but Nintendo did it their way and created a new genre. Mario and the gang took time from their action game shenanigans and took to the tracks to settle their differences. Super Mario Kart was also not the first racing game to feature offensive combat in some form, but Nintendo threw their own personal spin on it and made it their own.

Super Mario Kart features several modes for play, eight playable characters and powerups that will infuriate even the coolest player at some point. This is not a serious racing game by any means. There are banana peels to leave on the track, jumping into power slides, hazards to jump (no ramp needed) and more. This is definitely a Nintendo game from the art style to the gameplay.super-mario-kart-03

The levels are based on levels from the Super Mario world. Familiar locations such as Donut Plains are available in Super Mario Kart. It is almost conceivable to expect to see a Mario level in the background, almost.

Super Mario Kart is probably responsible for ending more than one life long friendship, relationships and probably marriages thanks to the way the matches work out. Even the most level headed, nicest, player will have a hard time turning down the chance to send a well placed turtle shell from second place into the other player’s first place character in a last ditch effort to pull out a win. That is the nature of Super Mario Kart, always has been, and will probably, always will be.

Super Mario Kart has been a staple release on Nintendo consoles and portables (we are not even looking in the general direction of the Virtual Boy here) since release. This support and love from Nintendo has helped keep the series alive in the minds of gamers generation after generation (too bad they didn’t feel the same way about, oh, Metroid or Kid Icarus).

Super Mario Kart has seen release on:
Game Boy Advance (Ebay)
Super Nintendo (Ebay)
Wii Virtual Console
Wii U Virtual Console

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