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Epic Mech Wars Hits iOS Today


Ever since seeing Robotech and Transformers as a child on television, I have been a giant robot fan.  It is something that has stuck with me throughout my life, really.  There is just something about giant robots that is cool and interesting to me.  That is part of the reason that I am excited about Epic Mech Wars on iOS.  It combines giant robots (that are customizable) and strategy gaming (a fun genre I enjoy) on a portable platform that I also happen to like.


“Epic Mech Wars is our biggest mobile release to date. We’ve seen how much mobile has changed in the past twelve months and now we can keep enough core players to maintain an online RPG type fighting league,” states Neal Nellans, founder of Tiny Utopia. “Connectivity will only improve as mobile grows up and begins to approximate today’s consoles, and we can scale the game with those advancements.”

While not as strategy filled as say, Civilization or Shining Force, Epic Mech Wars does offer strategy in creating your robot to put into battle which has to be in response to what you are expecting to face in the arena.  Tiny Utopia have a potential hit here.  Epic Mech Wars is free on iTunes so grab it NOW!

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