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Rivals of Aether Steam

It is not all that often that I get to write up basically a job listing for a game developer. First, they did not ask for this, this is a common courtesy being extended to someone in the industry to help them possibly get some work done and to help some programmers looking to earn some money to meet and maybe make a deal. This time it is for a developer looking to bring their game to the Nintendo Switch console after it saw reportedly tremendous success on Steam.

“Finally in 2018, we will be looking to bring Rivals of Aether to more platforms. These won’t be happening until we have completed the Definitive Edition as that is the version we plan to bring to consoles. Right now we are prioritizing the Nintendo Switch as we are currently looking into developers who can help us port the game out of Game Maker Studio so we can release on the Switch.” States Dan Fornace on Medium.

Rivals of Aether Steam

Basically, if you are experienced with Nintendo Switch development, and have some understand of how Game Maker works which would be a plus (I am sure), then you may be the fit for this porting project.

Rivals of Aether is a fighting game where warring nations can summon powers based on Water, Fire, Air, and Earth. This is already going to tell experienced fighting game fans that this is going to be a hectic battle each time out.

There are several modes of play available:

Versus mode allows 1 on 1 or 2 on 2 fights or even a free-for-all.

Story mode lets fans learn the backstory of their favorite fighter and learn hidden mysteries of the Rivals of Aether.

Abyss mode is basically survival mode in other fighting games.

Online versus is the online component.

Tutorial mode is great for beginners needing to learn the moves

Practice mode is full of helpful onscreen information to teach inexperienced players the basics and even advanced techniques.

If you have experience that fits the bill, get in touch with Dan Fornace.

Source: Medium

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