Fan Translation: Picross 2 for Game Boy Now Available in English

Before Sudoku was rocking the world there was Picross.  Gamers that took on the challenge of Mario’s Picross, the only official release of this series in North America at least for the Game Boy, were treated to an interesting number puzzle game.  The concept is pretty simple here- simply use the numbers across the top and left side as clues for shading in the squares.  Once the squares are shaded in they will reveal a picture. 

Things start out simple with this type of game and quickly ramp up.  In the beginning the pictures are pretty simple to figure out but later on, get ready to scratch your noggin wondering what the hell you are making.  The interesting thing about Picross is, once you figure out a tough puzzle it will usually result in a ‘duh’ moment on your part.

Picross 2 Nintendo Game Boy retro retrogaming puzzle (2)Nintendo has been active in keeping the Picross series going on more recent hand helds.  There is Picross DS for the Nintendo DS and a few releases for the 3DS through the eShop.  Nintendo has shown a lot of support for this series.

Picross 2 is for the original Game Boy so don’t expect 3D, color or amazing surround sound effects.  This is a black and white game from the time when graphics were nice but they certainly didn’t make a game on their own.  There is not a lot of gameplay in this game either though since you are simply moving a cursor around the playfield highlighting squares to shade in or erase.

Picross 2 Nintendo Game Boy retro retrogaming puzzle (1)The Picross games are known for being quite addicting to those that play them.  So be prepared if you try this game, or one of the others in the series, out.

Other releases in the Picross series have hit the Super Famicom in Japan but not many other platforms.  This is a shame as this is an interesting puzzle genre.

Head over to to grab the patch for Picross 2.  You are on your own as far as the ROM file itself.