Fan Translation: Wizardry Gaiden: Suffering of the Queen for Game Boy Now in English

Nintendo can probably safely say that their Game Boy, the original salad green screened one, ran without opposition because it decimated everything that was put against it. One reason for this success was the fact that Nintendo was able to get a plethora of games across many genres to market which pushed more sales of the system- Tetris being a big reason many bought the hand held in the first place, to find other games they liked. One genre that many felt was useless on a battery powered hand held was the Role Playing Game (RPG) genre. That didn’t stop companies from making them available- many we didn’t get in North America, such as Wizardry Gaiden: Suffering of the Queen. Thanks to dedicated fans, this unheard of Wizardry title is now available in English.

The story behind Wizardry Gaiden concerns a quest through an alternate dimension filled with dungeons and monsters wanting your bloody corpse to themselves. As usual with Wizardry titles, this one is text heavy, unusual for a Game Boy title (and probably a reason for it not making it domestically).

To grab your copy of the translation patch, head over to, we cannot provide links to the ROM file as it is not legally available for free.