Final Fantasy Dimensions II Transitions Freemium Gameplay to Premium with Jump Across Pond

Final Fantasy Dimensions II Android and iTunes

Square Enix are certainly not ones to shy away from taking a chance with their games. Specifically, the pricing. Take Final Fantasy Dimensions II for Android and iPhone. In Japan this title is squarely set in the free to play realm with microtransactions and events and challenges tweaked to entice players to part with cash. Final Fantasy Dimensions II was just release for Android and iPhone with some major tweaks. Most important of all, it is no longer a freemium game, now there is a onetime fee to play. There are problems with this tweaking though.

Without spoiling the story for Final Fantasy Dimensions II, I can safely say that the story involves the future and the past of the eastern continent of Ajima and the wester continent of Westa. The story will go through many eras where you will meet and say goodbye to friends from those eras. This is going to be a twister of a storyline.

First, there will be extended periods of grinding to get the gems and other items that you would have just bought had this been a freemium game. Since paying for these items is no longer an option you must do it the way we did back in the day – simply play. And play. And play. Hours on end. Square Enix used to advertise their games as having hundreds of hours of gameplay within – it wasn’t because of the quick paced stories though, it was because of the grinding you had to do to power up and beat bosses and various enemies.

Simply put, back in the day on the Super Nintendo, before In App Purchases became prevalent, this was how we played. You simply would grind till you were powerful enough to destroy whatever was in your way – often, we would grind to reach the maximum level each character/weapon/armor could reach then we would play the story.

Gamers bitching about the grinding being “new” simply started gaming after the iPhone era – it is clear in their words. For anyone that wants a role-playing game without IAP then grab Final Fantasy Dimensions II.

Final Fantasy Dimensions II by Square Enix
Platform: Android and iPhone
In App Purchases: No, one-time purchase and you own it
Genre: Turn based role-playing game
Rated: E for Everyone 10+ on Google Play and 9+ on iTunes
Available now on Google Play and the iTunes App Store.


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