Final Fantasy VII Now Available on Android

Who reading this has not played Final Fantasy VII?  If that is possible, your reasons have just been diminished by one platform.  Android.  Yep, Square Enix have finally brought Final Fantasy VII to the Google platform.  For anyone that doesn’t know, they already released it on iPhone last year- yeah, we are going that route again where Android is not even the afterthought.  Square Enix is not done screwing over Android fans there though.  Anyhow, it is here now so let’s rejoice. 

This is the seminal release that pushed the Sony Playstation through to the mainstream in the United States.  For a long time the next Final Fantasy game was being promoted as coming to the Nintendo 64 – at the time called the Ultra 64.  A Final Fantasy style game was even used in the marketing and promotion by Nintendo at tradeshows.  Then all of a sudden the next Final Fantasy game was coming to the Sony Playstation and it was doing so on multiple discs.  I remember because I pre-ordered a copy at the local Electronics Boutique and got my promotional t-shirt.

Okay, back to the port of Final Fantasy VII to Android.  It is here, it costs about $16 and is free of In App Purchases.  It better for that price.  Anyhow, don’t go thinking you are going to be able to play on your Android TV though- Final Fantasy VII is not listed as compatible.  Way to go Square Enix.  Appreciate that extra mile you went to take care of fans.

Also, um, what is this?

“Depending on the terrain and timing of the action, the buggy, submarines, airships, and other modes of transportation may cease to move when the player embarks or disembarks. Currently, the only fix is to restart the game from a data file saved before the bug occurred. We recommend saving frequently and/or utilizing multiple save files. This bug occurs most often when players embark or disembark while extremely close to the terrain, as well as during time-sensitive activities for events.” Quoted from the Google Play store page.

I mean, come on is it that hard to fix a bug like this in a game you are asking damn near “new movie release” prices for?

Final Fantasy VII by Square Enix
Genre: Role Playing Game, retro re-release
Platform: Android
In App Purchases: No
Rated: T for Teen on Google Play
Available now on Google Play