Fishbone on Nintendo Virtual Boy Reminds Us of Hungry Hippo Meets Fishing with Lots of Blood

This is one of the bloodiest games that you may ever play in your gaming life.  I mean look at the video below, this thing is nothing but blood, blood everywhere.  Okay, satire off.  That description could fit every release on the Nintendo Virtual Boy, considering it only displayed shades of red and black pixels.  Fishbone will instantly remind, just about, anyone of classics such as Fish Dude on the Game Boy or E.V.O. on the Super Nintendo Entertainment System.

The object of Fishbone is pretty simple.  Move your fish around the screen to avoid larger fish while eating the smaller fish.  If a larger fish eats you, you lose a life.  Eat a smaller fish and you earn a point.  Pretty simple.  Fishbone is simpler in execution than Fish Dude was on the Game Boy though.  Fish Dude had sprawling maze like levels for you to explore, multiple enemies to avoid such as fishermen and their cat, birds and marine life that was not edible.  Fishbone seems to only have a linear level design and just a couple marine entities to eat/avoid.

While this may seem like Fishbone is just a boring red pixel infusing to your eyes game, it is still a new game for the Nintendo Virtual Boy.  How successful it is and how much support is given to the developer to continue making better games is up to you, the fans.  I am not going to candy coat this article with hyperbole that is useless and annoying though.

For me, I like these types of games as they are somewhat relaxing and entertaining if taken in small spurts of gaming.  You won’t find 20+ hours of quality storytelling or amazing Mode 7 scaling and Full Motion Video (FMV) in these types of releases.  Of course, if you are looking for that stuff you probably are not reading Virtual Boy articles.

Source: Planet Virtual Boy via Retro Game Network and