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Five 3D Running Games Worth Your Time

temple run

3D Running games are quite popular and don’t show signs of slowing down as gamers constantly push the latest to the top of the charts.  Publishers are all too happy to provide yet another game, usually featuring In App Purchases, to eager fans on iOS and Android.  We have gathered several 3D running games that are worth your time and will provide hours of entertainment.

#1) Temple Run.  The game that arguably kicked this genre off is just as fun today as it was at release.  Running away from the crypt keepers with your treasure recreating some of the more exhilerating scenes in popular movie franchises along the way makes Temple Run one that is hard to miss. Google Play and iTunes App Store. Our review.

#2)  Panda Run HD.  Anyone remember Kung Fu Panda?  That was a pretty cool movie and Panda Run HD reminds me a lot of that movie for some reason.  PR is not a licensed game or anything, just shares similarities with that Dreamworks movie.  Players are pitted with running away from danger with the “Soul Stone” that is not exactly well defined as far as story goes.  Google Play and iTunes App Store.

#3) Running Fred. It is no secret that I am a huge fan of Running Fred, it is a great game and does so many things within the 3D running genre that help move the genre forward and it simply works.  Running from Death is a powerful motivator and interacting with the environments keeps Running Fred interesting and entertaining. Google Play and iTunes App Store.  Our review here.

#4) Penguin Run.  What can I say, playing as penguins has never been more fun in gaming than it has this generation.  When else in gaming has there been this many fun games featuring the warm blooded fowl?  We previewed Super Penguins already and intend to review PR sooner than later so I decided to place this one in the list.  The story here is pretty simple- run like heck.  Google Play.

#5) Angry Gran Run.  If there is one thing in life that you don’t do, it is make a grandma mad.  Another thing you don’t do is put a mad granny in a mental hospital.  Fred the man in white, has done both of those things and now Angry Gran has escaped and running for her freedom. Google Play and iTunes App Store.

There you go, five 3D running games that will provide hours of fun for fans and possibly be entry points for newcomers.

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