Five Essential Android Action Games for the Retro Fans

Retro gamers are usually left out of the fun when it comes to newer platforms, most companies don’t see any value in catering to this niche market. In this new article, Retro Gaming Magazine will take a look at a collection of games that cater to a different area of retro gaming. Starting the festivities off is the “action” category which encompasses titles such as Sonic, Mario and more. Devices with physical buttons are obviously the choice of play with these games.

sonic 4 episode 2 android retro action

1) Sonic 4 Episode 1 and Episode 2 by Sega ($2.99 each). These are Sonic in all of his good speed running glory. Fan service is through the roof on these and they run great on a myriad of devices. Touch only controls are sometimes annoying since these games suffer from the same problems that most action games on touch screens suffer from.

paper monsters android retro

2) Paper Monsters by Crescent Moon Games (Free, advertising based). 2.5D side scrolling action platformers is a rare thing today, especially on Android (eat your hearts out 3DS and Vita owners, this one is not coming your way). Everything in Paper Monsters appears to be made of paper mache and origami which lends a lot to the aura of the game. Other interesting experiences are actually going to the backgound to complete some of the objectives in levels.


3) Awesome Land by FreakZone Games ($2.49). If you are wanting something that screams Super Mario Bros on the NES then you need look no further than Awesome Land. Your character acts nearly lawsuit perfect to Mario’s style and the challenge level hearkens back to the 8-Bit days.

double dragon android brawler retro

4) Double Dragon by G-Gee ($2.99). This is an update of the original with new visuals (almost cell shaded), a new control scheme and even some new moves. Brawling games don’t get much better.

castle of shadows android retro

5) Castle of Shadows by Playphone (Free). An art style that would be right at home in a 16-Bit Castlevania game, some levels that sprawl out and a storyline of death, love and loss make Castle of Shadows an interesting action game. Enemies are everywhere in this game which adds to the challenge. A combo system, weapons that would make Cloud Strife jealous and overall fun round out Castle of Shadows.

These are not the only action games on Google Play, they are just a few that I feel are worth the time of any retro gamer that owns an Android device. These games all have really low requirements so just about anything running a newer version of Android should be able to play them. If you know of any action games that we need to add, just drop us a message, leave a comment or get in touch somehow.