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Flappy Bird is Gone, Long Live the Clones


Flappy Bird has been quite a sensation, regardless of being over a year old, in the last few weeks. The developer/publisher, Dong who is a resident of Vietnam, has pulled the game from Google Play and iTunes. Dong cited various personal reasons pertaining to becoming a celebrity and specifically said his actions were not related to legal threats from any company (as many believe is a lie). Today, Flappy Bird disappeared from the mobile stores so what better way to say goodbye than to bring up five clones that are just as good, if not better, at being Flappy Bird than Flappy Bird.

All of these games share the same trappings and gameplay of Flappy Bird so they will be quite easy to move over to for veterans and close enough for those that missed the phenom of Flappy Bird. Tapping the screen makes your bird, fish, whatever move up. Leaving them be will see them plummet to the bottom of the screen. Obstacles will come onto the screen and one hit with anything stationary results in immediate death. Pretty easy to understand, frustrating as hell to partake in.

Oh, apparently these games are all on Google Play only. I could not find them on iTunes.murica eagle

1) Murica Eagle by Gamesare Studios. This is like the 16-Bit Sega Genesis version to Flappy Bird’s 8-Bit NES graphics. The eagle is a little more fun to control because of the tighter flight plan, tapping the screen raises him slightly- like he has weight. This simple gameplay tweak does wonders to how much enjoyment you can get out of the game.

Graphically, Murica Eagle is patriotic. Pillars similar to those used around Washington DC are your nemesis while your eagle expends red, white and blue stars as he flies. Collecting the yellow floating stars adds one point to your total which is cool and helps drive the need to set an astronomically high top score.flappy wings

2) Flappy Wings by Green Chili Games. As far as copying the look of Flappy Bird, Flappy Wings is right there with the look. A big difference here is that you can see multiple pipes/obstacles onscreen at once versus Flappy Birds single danger view. If you are a hopeless Flappy Bird fanatic and have to move to a new device (thusly losing your beloved game) you can always goto Flappy Wings.clumsy bird

3) Clumsy Bird by Candy Mobile. Remember when I compared Murica Eagle as the 16-Bit Sega Genesis version of Flappy Bird? Clumsy Bird is like the 16-Bit Super Nintendo version. More color, more detail and over the top compared to the competition. This is not always better but to some, it could be the reason to try this type of game out.

Like Flappy Wings, multiple obstacles (trees here) are onscreen at once.farty bird

4) Fartie Bird by Flappy and Fartie Games. Just like Flappy Wings, Fartie Bird is quite similar to Flappy Birds in look. Multiple obstacles onscreen at once, a depressed bird and par for these games, an infuriating challenge level are all here in spades.flappy fish

5) Flappy Fish by EntwicklerX. This is the only game on this list that does not involve a bird trying to avoid pipes or other obstacles. Here, you control a fish. The gameplay here is a little slower than the other games on this list so it may be more interesting/easier for new players to try this game first.

There you go, five alternatives to the recently removed Flappy Bird game for those that either missed out on that game or are looking for an alternative. Just remember, the gameplay here is more shallow than the myriad of 3D endless running games that we are have been inundated with since Temple Run 2 hit.

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