Fortnite APK Files Already Leaked


It is no secret that Samsung has swung a deal to get Fortnite as an exclusive to their line of Android devices. One way this is being accomplished is by simply not posting Fortnite to the Google Play store. Another involves hardware check when installing the installer, which is required to download the full APK file. For those interested in just being on the cutting edge when their device is supported can now download both the installer and game APK files without going through Samsung’s App store option.

While Fortnite is not compatible with my aging Huawei Ascend XT2, I do have a weird curiosity to see how well it does run, if ever my device is cleared for use. I am sure there are hardware spoofers out there that will trick the APK’s into thinking they are running on a supported Samsung device, I just don’t care enough to get them.

While I am interested in seeing how Fortnite runs on my device, I am not all that interested in playing it much. I tried Fortnite on my computer and was not impressed.

I have gotten into PUBG Mobile though and am interested in Fortnite mainly to see how it runs and not much else.

If you are interested in checking if you can skirt by the rules in place, or just be on the bleeding edge when your device is cleared, you can grab the Fortnite installer and game APK from APKMirror.

Me, I will go back to playing PUBG and seeing if I can best my score in arcade squad mode since Fortnite is not going to work.

Anyone else interested in Fortnite on mobile? What about playing PUBG Mobile? Send me a friend request on PUBG Mobile – triverse is my username. Or simply come shoot me and see who is better.