Freaky as Hell Point and Click Adventure, Sanitarium, Now Available for Android and iOS

Okay, out of all of the titles that we have seen released in the past, Sanitarium holds a special spot in my heart as being one freaky beast.  Sure, other titles tried to be spooky and scary but it was obviously bad.  With Sanitarium, it was more subtle stuff like that town of malformed children for instance is just “out there” subject matter for a video game.  That was Sanitarium though- it went where others only dreamed, in their nightmares, of taking us.  Now, you can travel to these weird and spooky lands on your Android and iOS device thanks to DotEmu.

Originally released in 1998, Sanitarium has garnered quite the cult following with gamers.  It was one of those titles that could easily spark a ton of “did you know” rumors and fans would probably believe them.  Everything is just wild in Sanitarium.  First of all, you play a character that is all bandaged up and who has lost his memory.  While this trope is tried to death in role playing games, it is still somewhat fresh for the point and click crowd.  This is not a more serious Monkey Island game, things here are serious and seriously demented.

What is great about DotEmu’s release is that it features full English, French and German voice acting, support for 4:3 ratio (like it was originally) and extra care in converting things to touch control (there is a mouse style control available too for those that want it).  We are still waiting to see Sanitarium released for Android TV though- damnit.

Sanitarium is a premium title.  You will be paying about the same price as a fancy Starbucks coffee but that is it.  The game is yours, no ads, no In App Purchases, no more nagging for money from you.  That is ever increasingly becoming a perk that needs to be mentioned.

Sanitarium by DotEmu
Platform: Android and iOS
Genre: Point and Click adventure
In App Purchases: None
Rated: Teen on Google Play, 9+ on iTunes
Available now on Google Play and the iTunes App Store