Gabriel Knight, Sins of the Fathers Coming to Android Later This Month

Ah, the classic point and click adventure game.  What retrogaming fan has not at least picked one favorite in this genre and then wondered why the hell more titles like it haven’t surfaced?  For me, that is probably Maniac Mansion, first experienced on the Nintendo Entertainment System.  I need to revisit Gabriel Knight: Sins of the Fathers (I have an original copy somewhere around here).  With the recent announcement that the first Gabriel Knight is coming to Android later this month, I may just end up going through it that way.  This upcoming Android version is based on the 20th Anniversary Edition that was released last year for Windows and Macintosh.

For those that have no clue what Gabriel Knight: Sins of the Fathers is about, first for shame, second- read on.  You take control of Gabriel Knight, a book shop owner residing in New Orleans.  Gabriel is also a horror book author who has apparently hit a writer’s block (those suck).  One trait that separates Gabriel from other horror book authors is that she is a “Shadow Hunter” (comes in handy, since you know, she is a horror book author).  Recently there were some local murders that investigators have noted voodoo undertones.  This piques the interest of Gabriel and her assistant, Grace Nakimura, who head off to hopefully find inspiration for more books.  The rest is, well, history.

What fans can expect in this new release on Android include high-res 3D backgrounds, new character models and a rescored/reorchestrated sound track by Retro Gaming Magazine friend, Robert Holmes of the Scarlet Furies fame.  If you don’t know about the Scarlet Furies, check them out here.

Hardcore fans will rejoice in knowing there will be little tidbits such as behind the scenes material, concept art, storyboards and interviews with original team members to name a few things.  This is great news for those interested in game development, psychology and inspirations that pushed developers back in the day.

Due on July 23rd, Gabriel Knight: Sins of the Fathers will have a release that is familiar to mobile users.  The game is broken up into chapters, referred to as “Days” in the game.  The first Day is free while the second is $2.99 and the third is $3.99.

Source: Droidgamers