Game Boy Receives Cowboys Game Guns and Riders

The old west is a place that many wish we could go back to.  While I am not sure why, it is a popular time period.  Gamers have barely touched the genre thanks to not many developers and publishers making games based in the old west.  Sure, we got Gunsmoke on the Nintendo (zapper game) and we got Gumshoe (another NES game) and even Sunset Riders (arcade, Super Nintendo and Sega Genesis).  The grittiness of the old west that movies portray has been missing from those games though.  Guns and Riders may be the game to bring that lawlessness to portable gamers, finally.

The way that Guns and Riders is setup is similar to the old games that we saw on the Atari 2600 console.  There is no real ending, just endless shooting of bad guys that progress across the auto scrolling screen.  The graphics are quite minimal, this is made for the original Nintendo Game Boy hand held.  You are effectively sending small squares across the screen towards bigger squares that are sending similarly small squares back.  Just avoid those small squares heading your way and send more the other way and you will be okay.

Modern gamers may recognize the simplistic gameplay as something slightly more complicated than Flappy Bird.  This is because even Flappy Bird was super simple when viewed against the plethora of titles available for the Atari 2600 console.  Guns and Riders scrolls and you shoot.  This could have been a premise of an early Activision title.

There are some morbid signs in the graphics.  Across the bottom of the screen there are nooses hanging from beams.  For those that do not know what a noose is, it was used to hang people back in the old west days.  While most will miss it completely, for those that are concerned about even the littlest thing, they are there.

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