Game Hack: New Super Mario Bros Origins on Nintendo DS

Remakes, hacks, fan works, whatever you want to call these types of reworks of games, they are sometimes quite cool. Take New Super Mario Bros Origins on the Nintendo 3DS which is based on the Nintendo DS title, New Super Mario Bros. Origins takes all of the levels from the original SMB game and then adds in the “Lost Levels” for even more coolness and puts them in one big game.

This is not a 100% accurate remake, the gameplay elements that New Super Mario Bros brought to the table are still in play here. Stuff like wall jumping like you did in the NES Batman game, Ninja Gaiden and others, and picking up turtle shells among other new(er) elements are still available. The wall jumping adds a new element of challenge when falling into a pit, close enough to the side and you may be able to save yourself.

This is a hack of a commercial game so we can only link to the hack itself.

Source: Retrocollect