Game Hack: Super Mario Bros 64 DS Becomes Sunshine 64 DS

The Super Mario Bros franchise has been a hit for Nintendo, which is a fact.  There is no doubting that Nintendo’s overall success has been greatly influenced by their little Italian plumber.  Even though Mario is huge for Nintendo, that doesn’t mean that his exploits always reach the platform that fans would like them to.  Take the Nintendo DS for example, a great hand held that received a very good port of Super Mario 64.  Then comes along the Gamecube and we get Super Mario Sunshine, a nice title that was moderately successful (most game publishers would LOVE the sales figures this game posted) but it did not get ported to the Nintendo DS.  Some fans have taken up the challenge and modded, for the most part, Super Mario 64 DS to become Super Mario Sunshine DS.

Before you get all excited thinking this is a 100% direct port by a fan, let me calm you down with the fact that it is not.  The water mechanic is not perfect, the stream doesn’t stray too far from Mario, and the levels are not 100% authentic.  Some liberties had to be taken to make the port “work”.  Bianco Hills, Pianta Village and Gelato Beach are all represented in this gam hack, according to Retrocollect.Pinna_Park20131129_001

This hack is a work in progress that is going beyond the basic hacks that we usually see.  There are large chunks of original game code being created to make Sunshine work properly within the confines of the hardware and the game engine being used.  This is great news as the developer is putting the effort into this that will, hopefully, eventually be a pretty close version.Gelato_Beach_06032013_1

Fans of Super Mario Sunshine, and whom own a Nintendo DS, should give this hack a good long look.  It might be what you are looking for.

Source: via Retrocollect