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Games Every Nvidia Shield Owner Should Try!


Greetings fellow gamers! I’m going to give not only a list of games that I own and play often but, I will also list what about each game will hopefully appeal to you. Also the numbered order of the games has nothing to do with their being better or worse than one another! This list just shows the games I feel every Shield owner should at least try. Also almost every game on this list allows Nvidia Shield and Tegra 4 owners to crank up the graphics settings to high on most of these games listed same as with settings on a PC only much easier.

1. (Dead On Arrival 2) This game is one of those games where you are fighting for your very survival in a world overrun with Zombies lol! Okay all jokes aside this game proves why the Zombie shooting genera is not dead and also why Android has come a long way in now being able to deliver PlayStation 2 and beyond graphics and console play quality! So why would Dead On Arrival 2 appeal to anyone? Well first of all it is 100% Free! And as if that wasn’t good enough people are already saying that it is as fun as Call Of Duty Zombies on home consoles. And it is better than the original Dead On Arrival which itself is a very good game. I 100% agree with the above statements! Yes this game is for any Zombie killing fiend out there. And boy this is not your typical Zombie Shooter as at any moment huge hulking zombies will literally come out of  nowhere and rush straight at you nor will just shooting everything in sight save you in this game as there is a lot of fun strategy involved in survival here!

2.(Shadow Gun Dead Zone and Shadow Gun THD) Here’s that answer plain and simple if you want a sweet Android version of Gears Of War complete with PlayStation 3 /Xbox 360 level graphics and game controls and Multi-Player online well here you go! And Shadow Gun Dead Zone the Multi-Player is free. You pay for Shadow Gun THD the story at 4.99 which is more than worth its asking price! These are well polished games.

3. (Aliens VS Predator Evolution) Remember how all of us Xenomorph and Predator lovers have always wanted a great game that brought pride to the movies we loved and grew up with and allowed you to play as both? Well here is our dream come true! And making use of the Unity computer graphics engine this game blows away most console games on both graphics and game play. And is the best game ever to come forth out of these two movie franchises and with an asking price of only 4.99 you should be throwing your money at them nothing else to say!

4.(Reaper) Now this game is truly a gem! Both I and my Boss have fallen for this games art style and quick strategy action side stroller game play. No frantic button mashing will not help you here one little bit! This is a true good Old School side stroller made for modern times. And even though story mode is free you should still purchase the full game at 4.99 just so this developer can come back with an even better longer sequel!

5. (Dead Trigger) Oh yeah the holy grail of mobile Zombie Shooters! Graphics console quality excellent, game play perfect, story and weapons upgrades, and lots of different enemy types make this game a favorite for Nvidia Shield owners. Oh and best of all it is free. Also great news Dead Trigger 2 releases next month October 23 2013 for free! Grab these games fellow Tegra 4 owners and I promise you will fall in love.

6. (The Conduit HD) This was a Wii exclusive first person shooter that sadly was overlooked by many. Be thankful that this great game is on the Nvidia Shield! This game has a very good story console quality graphics and controls. And man is this game one heck of a great ride. This game is for anyone that loves Alien Conspiracies or Great Shooters with equally Great Stories. The game has the first 2 missions free to play but you have to buy the rest of the game at 4.99 but again it is well worth it!

7. (Burn Zombie Burn) Now this game right here this game right here is the hotness! This game plain and simple is Zombies Ate My Neighbor’s for the new age of gaming. And man is it a very well done game and will have you sinking outrageous amounts of time playing it! The cartoon graphics are just perfect there’s always tons of action going on and the screen stays full of rotting zombies and there’s always an awesome power up right around the next bend. And the controls are to die for not to mention there’s a gun that makes the zombies dance to Micheal Jackson’s Thriller need I say more??

8. (Zombie HQ ) I know yet another Zombie Shooter, but hey what did you think people wanted a handheld console with full console controls for?? This is a grown mans game right here! Console quality graphics compliment great controls and an expanding inventory and great story and a true sense of survival that, is missing from a lot of today’s  games. Those like me that played the original Resident Evil games on the PlayStation 1 or the Alien Breed games know what I’m talking about although this game isn’t quite as terrifying as those titles . And a very unique twist that this game has over other Zombie Shooters is that you have a base that you can make your own by customizing. Trust me if you play this game you will like it if Zombie Shooters are your thing.

9. (Respawnable’s) This game is just an awesome way to kill time in online death matches. graphics are PlayStation 2 quality as is the game play. This game delivers on all fronts of being a fun game. No story just simple shoot out fun.

10. (Blood Sword THD) Now I love this game! No story just pure hack and slash action complete with on point controls and graphics that out do any console until the PlayStation  4 releases! Like I said no story, you are just some bad as hell Demon/Angel with kill based power ups on a path of utter destruction in one of the most beautiful full 3D PC quality graphics games I have ever seen in my life! I can not believe the Nvidi Shield can play a game this stunning. This game on its on shows what all the hype about the Tegra 4′s 72 Graphics Processor Cores was all about. There are times that there are literally hundreds of enemies  on screen at once. And there are boss battles in this game that would make Kratos of God of War fame put on a mini skirt and heels and kick rocks while sucking his thumb! And this game still allows you to crank the graphics settings to high.The floors and grass in this game look 100% real and I put that on my son’s life! You fight everything in this game from rock monsters to huge toads with axes to levitating demons. Oh yeah this game is only 99 cents  and is worth many times more. If you like God of War or Gauntlet you will love this game!

Again friends this is just a list of games I own and me telling you that you should give a try if you own an Nvida Shield as, you will not be let down by none of the games on this list.

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