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Gaming on Batteries Magazine #1 Released


When we started Gaming on Batteries, we knew a magazine would be launched sooner than later and that day is here.  We have just launched the first issue of Gaming on Batteries Magazine on Magcloud.com for our fans to check out and enjoy.  Why are we using Magcloud for the release?  Why start a magazine in the first place?

Using Magcloud is a no brainer for Gaming on Batteries since MC allows us the luxury of publishing issues as they are ordered.  With Magcloud we are able to avoid the pitfalls that other magazines face at the news stand.  News stand distributors charge for every issue they have that is unsold that has to be destroyed- that is lost money from the publisher.  We don’t face that financial loss using on demand printing.  We are also not saddled with unsold copies that cost money to be created and shipped back and forth.  Saving money like this allows us to offer a unique magazine for our fans.


In the first issue we have reviews of:

Kid Icarus: Uprising on Nintendo 3DS
Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3d on Nintendo 3DS
Rayman Origins on PS Vita
Kid Dracula on Game Boy
Virtua Tennis Challenge on Android

and features include:
E3 focused on portables
8 Essential Game Boy Games

We hope you enjoy reading Gaming on Batteries as much as we had fun creating it.

If you have a question, complaint, want your game reviewed in a future issue or want to just rant with other gamers, hit us up with the handy contact link at the top of the page.

Buy Gaming on Batteries #1 on Magcloud today! We also offer digital purchases through Paypal with the hand button below:

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