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Garfield’s Diner Review – JXD S601

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Garfield’s Diner is not the first outing for the comic strip family favorite cartoon cat (he hit the Genesis years ago among various computer games and more recently whatever Nintendo has available), it is his first outing actually involved with food preparation/service of some kind (his other attempts at gaming were of the action variety).  Seriously, why are we just now getting a food game based on Garfield?  Should it really have taken this long?

If you are familiar with games like Diner Dash and the myriad of variations on that premise then you are already familiar with the play mechanics of Garfield’s Diner.  Starting with just Jon, you have to serve the customers of the diner (a friend asked for your help- someone I have never seen in the comics).  Starting out with a modest diner that serves the basics, players will quickly realize they need help- fast.  As play progresses, more customers will start coming and at a faster pace, each wanting something different and not being all that patient about it in later levels.

Everything is all nice and family friendly cartoon based from the graphics to the sound effects (such as the voice of Garfield saying quips after levels).   Planning and memorization skills will definitely be put to the test here since customers get anxious based on the time they were seated (if you are running behind you can buy some time by seating them in their desired section- if a spot is open- and then take on another customer).

Garfield’s Diner is one of a growing list of “freemium” titles.  The game is free, and with that gamers can enjoy a full game without feeling nickel and dimed to death.

JXD S601 Specifics:
Running Garfield’s Diner on the S601 is pretty sweet, everything looks great, even on the “lower resolution” screen (there are devices with quite a bit higher resolution screens available).  The graphics are clean and look like the comic strips and television show that used to run, they really captured the art style.

The biggest problem facing S601 owners that wish to play this game is the resistive screen.  Using a fingernail is not as accurate as may be needed when things get hectic so definitely get a stylus because in the heat of the action, it can be tough picking the right customer to move to the correct spot.

Garfield’s Diner by Web Prancer
Platform: Android
Genre: Time Management
Rated: Low Maturity
Score: 88/100
Available now on Google Play
JXD S601 used for review, to learn more about this device, please read our JXD S601 article.  Purchase your JXD S601 from Willgoo.com today.

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  • Dick Mango

    Almost every paragraph has something in parentheses(this is a sign of shit writing). When you’re writing a sentence and there is more shit in parentheses than the actual sentence it’s being wedged into you’re doing it wrong(because you don’t know what you’re doing).

    • http://www.gamingonbatteries.com triverse

      I can see what you were trying to say about the parentheses being somewhat annoying. You are entitled to your opinion (one that other readers can easily see is NOT edited/censored).

      Thanks for the comment anyhow, I will see what I can do in the proofreading process to stop using annoying writing styles. I can say, you are the only person to feel this way about my writing style so maybe you are in the minority?

    • Zahira

      too Funny (i liked your comment)

    • Zahira

      BTW I am having a lot of trouble getting the customer to the drink. How do I do that?

      • http://www.gamingonbatteries.com triverse

        If your drink station is full you have to clear the previous customer. You can purchase a second drink station also to help with large numbers of customers.

  • Dick Mango

    Most people that see dumb shit on the internet just move on and don’t take the time to leave a comment. Only a select few get as anally pained as I do and are willing to let people know when they’re derping. There are larger issues with the writing outside the realm of poor punctuation.

    “Everything is all nice and family friendly cartoon based”

    This is not a well written sentence. Perhaps I’m the only person that’s stumbled on this site that expects at least High School level writing? Perhaps it’s the dropping literacy that’s the blame for poor writing and even fewer people being able to recognize it as such.

    Glad to see the comment wasn’t deleted. It was worrying that the comment was pending approval. Generally a sign of a frustrated web author tired of hearing negative criticism and needing to cherry pick what comments are visible to the public.

    • http://www.gamingonbatteries.com triverse

      No worries about a comment being “pending” for a little while,I have a day job and other stuff going on other than GoB. I don’t edit/censor comments, even if they aren’t in agreement with what I have written, where is the fun in that? I understand your concern though, I have left comments on other sites and the powers that be never approved them for one reason or another (probably because my comments weren’t all rosy like the others).

      What is “derping”? I am from a generation or two back so please elaborate on that word. I could just as easily Google it but well, conversation is something I think we are losing as a race thanks to the Internet- even if my writing style apparently grates on your nerves, it is still nice to converse.

      The snarky remarks would be better served elsewhere because I believe they are getting in the way of your making a point that still holds validity for most readers (high school educated or not).

  • Dash Diggler

    I have to agree on the over use of parentheses. You could have cut one sentence into two and maintained a steady flow.

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