Gear VR Getting The Well on October 11th

The Well Gear VR

Fans of virtual reality have more than a few games to look forward to as we head into the remaining months of the year. This one, The Well by Turtle Rock Studios (the developers behind Left 4 Dead, Evolve, Face Your Fears and Blade Runner 2049: Replicant), is an interesting entry into the virtual reality market which is saturated with exploration games with a horror theme.

The Well is not only our most ambitious VR title to date, it is our most unique,” said Steve Goldstein, President and General Manager of Turtle Rock Studios. “We’re excited to create a new, original fantasy world unlike anything we’ve seen before, and it’s specifically crafted for the Gear VR platform. It’s not just a fun game, it’s beautiful. Gear VR is a medium that allows us to push the creative envelope and bring to life games we never thought possible.”

The world in The Well is called Tholl and your task is to figure out the mysteries of this land (there are many). Choosing a party made up of four classes (Rogue, Warrior, Mage, Druid) that has the right mix of capabilities is key to succeeding – just like in any role-playing game. Choose a party of one class and eventually find out that your choice has some hard, hard, repercussions.

The Well is another unique title from one of the most creative studios around,” said Jason Rubin, VP of Content at Oculus. “Turtle Rock Studios is continuously pushing boundaries in VR, and this next experience is no different.”

It is true that Turtle Creek Studios have a fine reputation under their belt but it is still a test of their abilities to make a good virtual reality game for the Samsung Gear VR. I don’t doubt they can do it, just waiting to see how it turns out.

The Well by Turtle Creek Studios
Platform: Gear VR
Available October 11th 2017

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