Gold Ambush with Kevin Hart Launches on iPhone

Gold Ambush with Kevin Hart

Kevin Hart has a game coming out for Android and iPhone. Yep, the standup comedian has taken to mobile games. This new game, Gold Ambush with Kevin Hart, is being created in conjunction with StandUp Digital and will feature a mixture of genres that are not usually thought of together. Sometimes these meshing of genres work out well, other times they are a disaster.

“Games are such a big part of my kids’ lives and the things we do together and it was the kids that turned me on to an early version of Gold Ambush,” Hart said. “To then be able to tell them that they would be in the game and have all these powers was an amazing gift to give them. At the same time, I think we’ve created a game that people are going to really enjoy so it was the best of both worlds.”

Gold Ambush with Kevin Hart brings together endless maze running and city building. Yep, two completely different genres to attempt to create a new one. Kevin Hart and his family are in the game as playable characters – odds are you are going to have to either grind a lot or pay real world money to get Kevin Hart or his family members (children – Heaven and Hendrix, or wife – Eniko). That is just the nature of these games today.

“Gold Ambush with Kevin Hart is an ambitious title that brings together the biggest comedy star on the planet and the best of mobile gaming,” remarked Sergei Dubograev, CEO of Pinxter Digital. “We are eager for Kevin’s fans and gamers worldwide to run in and get that gold!”

Players are after precious metal, gold for instance, which is acquired through normal game play or In App Purchases. Gold is then used to purchase new buildings for the city building portion or maze extensions for the defense of your city. The maze running is where your defenses and those of your enemies begin. If you can beat the maze of your enemy then you can loot their gold stores. It certainly sounds like an interesting mix of genres.

Gold Ambush with Kevin Hart by StandUp Digital
Platform: iPhone
Genre: City building with maze running
In App Purchases: Yes, $1.99 to $19.99
Rated: 4+ on iTunes
Available now on the iTunes App Store

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