Golden Axe Sega Forever Edition Review

Golden Axe Sega Forever

Sega is in the process of bringing some of their classic titles to the Android platform via their “Sega Forever” initiative. These re-releases come with some additional changes that the original games did not feature – for some fans, that is good and bad. This is my first time to check one of these titles out so I figured why not start with my favorite genre – brawlers. Fantasy brawlers at that. Golden Axe on Android.

When you fire up Golden Axe you are treated to a new title screen. I personally like this, I hope it is a standard across the other games. You are presented with tweaking the settings, checking hi-scores, finding out how to go ad-free, and something called “Segazine”. I have no idea what Segazine is because it won’t load on the GPD XD hand held that I was using for this review. Yep, I am not even attempting this review on hardware without physical buttons. I already know how that will end so keep in mind, this review is not using a cell phone and touch screen only controls.

Golden Axe Sega Forever

Fans of the classic brawler will be right at home in this port to Android. The full game is here, this is not a demo or something. Just keep in mind, the completely free edition features advertising (usually before starting the game and periodically throughout after a few levels). Changes that Sega has made to the original game include an “easy” mode and a duel mode. Dual mode is what other games call “survival mode” where you fight enemies wave after wave till you lose. You can also save your game now, come back later and pick up where you left off (with restrictions).

First off, Sega has added basic Google Play functionality to Golden Axe. Signing into your Google Play account will let you see high scores of people in your social circle or worldwide. How people are setting scores of 110+ million points I will never know but apparently three people have done it in Golden Axe. Wild as I have trouble beating the first few levels without dying.

The Sega Forever re-release is quite much like I remember it being on the Sega Genesis. I have read that others have complained about controller lag with the game but I did not notice that. I did notice trouble with setting up diagonal movement via the on-screen controls mapped to physical. I basically gave up on having diagonal’s available and that certainly detracted from my enjoyment. It hurt in avoiding enemy attacks and such. Also, without diagonal movement it was nearly impossible to catch those little elves between levels to get health and potions for magic. Without magic it makes the later levels, particularly the boss battles, all that much tougher.

Conversion quality is what you would expect today. At least Sega did not go the same route as Capcom has with some of their ports and use a mobile phone version from 2004 for their Android port. I have read elsewhere that Sega is using the Unity emulator for these ports. I have no hard experience with this emulator but apparently others have trouble out of it. It may help to know what device they are using for their review to better judge the quality of the review in question.

Golden Axe Sega Forever

What do you get if you pay to unlock the ad-free version of Golden Axe? You get cloud saves (free edition is local saves only) and you get no more advertisements in your game. Not great but still better than what other paid games give versus the free version. Also, it is unknown now if the future update that will bring online multiplayer will be limited to the paid version or if the free players will be able to play together as well (or a mix of the two).

This is Golden Axe on the go. Free with ads or paid without them (adding cloud save support). The choice is yours. There are no new characters, no real changes to graphics or sound or anything like that.

Golden Axe “Sega Forever” Edition by Sega
Platform: Android
Device used for review: GPD XD
In App Purchases: Yes, to remove ads and add cloud save support
Genre: Arcade, brawler
Rated: T for Teen
Available now on Google Play

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