Google Cardboard Allows Gamers to Properly Play Nintendo Virtual Boy

The Nintendo Virtual Boy, for better or for worse, was quite the release for Nintendo.  For one, it was almost a unanimously bad commercial product.  Second, the way Nintendo handled the Virtual Boy cost them one of their lead designers, Gunpei Yokoi.  For many fans of the Virtual Boy though, it is not viewed as a commercial failure but more as being WAY ahead of its time.  Gamers of the era were simply not ready for what the Virtual Boy represented and delivered.  For that segment of our readers, I bring to you news about this method to play the Nintendo Virtual Boy, using Google Cardboard.

Here in the last several years virtual, and augmented, reality has taken off with developers- even if commercially the products are not exactly setting the world on fire.  Yet.  Virtual Reality shot to the forefront of most readers’ minds when Facebook spent a boatload of money to purchase the Kickstarter success story known as Oculus Rift.  For gamers though, we have known and experienced this technology almost 20 years ago.  The difference is that the Virtual Boy, and the arcade virtual reality machines, was not all that advanced.

With the release of the 3DS a lot of fans have been making noise wanting Virtual Boy games on it the device.  From a technology standpoint, this is probably impossible.  The Virtual Boy created the 3D effect through dual screens arranged differently than that of the newer Nintendo hand held devices.  Sure, you could probably hold the 3DS on its side and REALLY close to your face but how is that supposed to be comfortable?  This could be the deciding factor for Nintendo NOT bringing Virtual Boy games to the 3DS.  Just a thought.

The process of getting the Virtual Boy games onto your phone is not all that simple.  While the Google Cardboard setup is cheap and pretty snazzy for what it offers, you will have to jump through hoops to enjoy the red and black Nintendo “portable”.

Source: Retrocollect