Got An iPad or iPhone and Love Nintendo?

Following up the success of the recent game collection apps article on Android devices, I thought it would be a good idea to listen the feedback from readers across the Internet and do a Nintendo centric version of the article.  Here I have collected several Apps off of iTunes that cater to a different Nintendo platform so fans of just about any generation will be able to find an App of use here. First up we have Nintendo Game & Watch Collectors Guide by Karl Jeffery.  Many newer gamers probably have never heard of the Game & Watch hand helds- a series of portables that Nintendo had been releasing before they took on the home market with the NES in the mid 80’s.  Information on all known pre-Game Boy hand helds by Nintendo is provided, categorized and even allowing entering personal notes.  When the urge to own a certain portable hits you, clicking the handy Ebay button takes you straight to any auctions available for it.nintendo game and watch itunes iphone ipad  (2)nintendo game and watch itunes iphone ipad  (3) NES Collector by Pieterjan Vandegaer covers the original home console by Nintendo.  What is so interesting about NES Collector is, not only the way your collection is presented but, the amount of information provided about your collection.  The total value is readily available (based on Ebay for prices and telling you which is the most valuable in your collection), a rarity guide (with information on your rarest game) and of course the bookshelf looking display which is just cool (though admittedly a novel way of displaying a bunch of pics).

nes collector iphone ios itunes retro 1 (1) nes collector iphone ios itunes retro 1 (2)This brings us to the Super Nintendo console.  This is the beginning of the fall of Nintendo from the command role of home consoles- they weren’t able to control the 16-bit era like they did the 8-bit era.  Sega put up a heck of a fight this time and learned from their mistakes.  That didn’t stop a lot of great games being made, it probably helped spur it on.  Thanks to Karl Jeffery (see a trend with these app articles yet?  Not many people are making them) and his Nintendo SNES Collectors Guide we can check in on some of the best games released from yesteryear, the accessories and see some screenshots right there in the app.

super nintendo collector app itunes iphone ios ipad (1) super nintendo collector app itunes iphone ios ipad (2)The 32-bit era was all but ignored by Nintendo (unless you count hand helds then you find that Nintendo put up a good fight here and continued dominance).  This era in the home was too congenial for Nintendo to participate in so they went straight to the 64-bit realm and then crippled their system with cartridges (how cool could the N64 have been if it used optical media).  Anyhow back to the Apps – Pieterjan Vandegaer released a really good one, similar to his NES Collector app mentioned above – N64 Collector.  Much like the NES app, the N64 one keeps the same look and features just with a newer games catalog.

The Game Boy Advance was Nintendo’s 32-bit answer but it came a little late and in portable form rather than in the face of Playstation and Sega Saturn competition five years earlier.  GBA Collector by Pieterjan Vandegaer keeps the same style as his other apps so fans can feel right at home using them as a set.  The Game Boy Advance had quite a library of games and this app will help keep track of it as you collect (or avoid) games.gba collector game boy nintendo itunes iphone ipad (1) gba collector game boy nintendo itunes iphone ipad (2)

For Wii, Wii U and DS/3DS we goto a newcomer to this article, Ghost Stream Corp and their Game Catalog for Nintendo app.  Covering such a breadth of systems leaves this app somewhat lacking in comparison to the others in this article- partly because it would be impossible to offer a rarity guide with any real semblance of accuracy.  This app goes for the information on games and providing screens route than the “collecting” direction the others have gone in.  Once the collection of games for these newer systems is finalized, I am confident that one of the other authors featured here will take on the challenge of creating a nice app with similar features to their other more retro flavored releases.

game catalog for nintendo itunes iphone ios wii wii-u wiiu 3ds ds (1) game catalog for nintendo itunes iphone ios wii wii-u wiiu 3ds ds (2)There you go Nintendo collectors, never again visit a used game store or hit a yard sale and be left dumbfounded about a title that you have never heard of again and possibly miss out on a good deal.  Pick your system, the app to go with it and start collecting.