Half-Life Ported to Android Wear Watches, Not Sure Why

Android Wear and the like are becoming “all the rage” around the tech world, Apple is in on it, Microsoft is in on it, Google and their partners are in on it, everyone is getting in on smaller wearable screens.  These things have small screens, so small that for the most part you are only going to clearly get a watch or maybe a small icon or something on them.  That has not stopped indie homebrew developers from porting Doom and Half-Life to these things.  Gameplay capability be damned.

Okay, that last sentence probably was written in a bit of haste on my part.  The Doom port to Android wear is possible to be played, there is no “mouse look” in Doom so you only have left/right/forward/back a shoot button and a few miscellaneous buttons that can easily be ignored.  That makes for a very possible to play on Android Wear watches port possible.

Half-Life on the other hand is infinitely more complex than Doom ever was, even when you factor in engine mods like ZDoom.  Half-Life is, from the ground up, a game that is best played with a keyboard and a mouse- there is simply so much going on that you, as the player, need access to that it is probably not going to be all that fun, or playable, on a small Android Wear watch.

That has not stopped indie homebrew developers from doing it though, as evidenced in the video above.  What is next?  A port of Super Mario 64?  Street Fighter II?  They both require more than a few buttons to be enjoyable so why not port them too?

The developer behind this, Dave Bennett, has released information on how to make your own port of Half-Life to your Android Wear watch, if you really really want to just have a show off piece for your arm tech.

Source: Retrocollect