Hardware: Create Your Own Retrogaming Hand Held Device

Who reading this has ever wanted to create their very own, personalized, gaming device?  Depending on how much help you are willing to accept, it can happen right now.  Well, not right now as in this second but seriously close since there are supplies to gather and a bit of dedication involved.  The end result can be your very own retrogaming hand held device, personalized as you see fit.

Adafruit.com have collected the necessary list of supplies, information list and even pulled together a step by step guide (over several pages).  There are some caveats that need to be mentioned before you get all excited thinking of the awesome hand held you are going to create.

Retrogaming Adafruit hand held portable Raspberry Pi (4)First this project requires access to a 3D printer, which can finicky and the case could end up being useless and require making again, probably at a sizable expense on your part.  Also, this project will require the butchering of a perfectly fine, working, Super Nintendo controller- if you are against the butchering of working retro hardware you may want to look elsewhere for a similar project.

Retrogaming Adafruit hand held portable Raspberry Pi (3)Second, you must be proficient in soldering small electronic connections.  This can be nerve wracking and challenging and should only be attempted if you are confident in your skills in this area.

Retrogaming Adafruit hand held portable Raspberry Pi (1)This hand held will be based on Raspberry Pi, much like the Pascal which is coming from Rose Colored Gaming this year.  Adafruit have named this version of Pi “Super Game Pi”.  What Super Game Pi consists of is a version of Raspberry Pi A+ coupled with RetroPie.

What you will have, if you complete this project or purchase a finished one, is a retrogaming hand held that features 12 buttons, analog and digital controls, 5” display with HDMI out and USB ports.  Also in this hand held comes a ton of fun.

Source: Adafruit.com