Hardware Hack: Game Boy Goes HD with HDMIBoy

The original Game Boy, and the follow ups such as the Color, literally changed portable gaming over the decade plus life they enjoyed. Competition came from everyone including Atari (Lynx) and Sega (Game Gear and Nomad) and even NEC (Turbo Express) but they all failed due to one reason or another (battery life, lack of marketing, etc). Nintendo had a winning platform on their hands and they knew it. Nintendo even offered methods to play Game Boy games on their Super Nintendo (but then killed such options on the N64). Now, fans are working on making it possible to plug the Game Boy into an HDTV.

The HDMIBoy is a hardware hack of severe magnitudes- this is not a simple plug in adapter that will make your Game Boy display on an HDTV. The games are controlled via a Nintendo NES controller (or NES Advantage if you still have one around) and display in crystal clear HD. If you thought Marvel vs Capcom 2 on the Playstation 2 had jagged sprites, get ready to have your eyes cut because the Game Boy/Color resolution is much lower and will show more edges.

Later this year the team behind the HDMIBoy plan on launching a Kickstarter to fund this invention. Currently we are unsure as to what they will be offering on Kickstarter, will there be a plug and play module of some sort or will they offer modified Game Boys (they are cheap on Ebay)?

Source: Retrocollect