Hardware Hack: Nintendo Gamecube Fitted with Atari Lynx Case

It is no secret that Nintendo and Atari never really got along in the gaming world (does anyone ever really get along with Nintendo?). Thanks to hackers, the former gaming giants (one is still immense) are working together, somewhat, with the new GC-Lynx device. Check this thing out in the video below, it is quite an interesting feat.

This project started way back in late 2012 when Akira, from the Bacman forums, began work by changing the Atari Lynx into something else. Keep in mind some adjustments had to be made and creative freedoms exploited to make this happen but it is essentially a Nintendo Gamecube in an Atari Lynx case. Oh, and it is one of a kind- this is not a “production” unit by any means.

Source: Retro Game Network