Hardware Hack: Super Game Boy and Pokemon Blue Inside of Super Nintendo Cartridge

Everyone knows that Pokemon never hit the Super Nintendo, regardless of the fact that it was a raging hit on the Game Boy and Game Boy Color during that console’s lifespan.  Nintendo, for some reason, never released the little creatures into the home through their, then, flagship console.  Thanks to Reddit user mmmstephen, Super Nintendo owners can enjoy Pokemon Blue on their SNES.

You start Pokemon by picking your character, a boy or a girl, and then you set out on your quest to “catch ‘em all”.  This is not a Pokemon Blue rom hack, nor does this cartridge hack require cheats to get to work.  This cartridge hack will require some good soldering skills on your part if you plan on replicating this feat at home.2105-pokemon-blue-super-game-boy-modification 2

This is not a new Pokemon game by any means, though the cartridge sticker is pretty slick.  What mmmstephen has done is take the original Pokemon Blue Game Boy cartridge, gutted it, taken a Super Game Boy and gutted that too and combined the pieces.  The cartridge slot was removed from the Super Game Boy and the necessary contacts were soldered together between the two cartridges.  Some Dremel magic occurs and everything fits inside one normal sized Super Nintendo cartridge.2105-pokemon-blue-super-game-boy-modification 3

While not the most ideal way of playing your Pokemon RPG on your Super Nintendo (this is magnitudes harder than just plugging the cart into a Super Game Boy) it is aesthetically more pleasing.  Sadly, this won’t work with the newest Pokeomn game unless someone works out a cartridge pass through for the 3DS/NDS.2105-pokemon-blue-super-game-boy-modification

The final results look like this is a new Super Nintendo cartridge for Pokemon Blue, the label looks phenomenally cool but that is where the “fun” ends. This ultimately removes the capability of the Super Game Boy to play other Game Boy and Game Boy Color games.  While a cool hardware hack, it is one that doesn’t allow for a lot of variety in your gaming.

Source: Imgur.com and Reddit via Retrocollect