Hardware Hack: Super Nintendo/Super Famicom Themed Game Boy Advance Portables

The Game Boy Advance, no matter if you are a fan of Nintendo or not, is obviously a seminal portable platform. Some would argue the GBA is the last “retro” portable to be released, probably thanks in large part to the library that was released for this Nintendo hand held. Thanks to Rose Colored Gaming fans of the Game Boy Advance can enjoy the hand held in a new light, particularly that of a Super Nintendo or a Super Famicom color scheme.

This is not a hack as far as putting either 16-Bit console into the shell of the GBA (for a similar creation check out the Gamecube in a Lynx body). This is simply a high quality color scheme updating of the original hardware to reflect either console that you are familiar with.

Super Nintendo Game Boy Advance mod

Rose Colored Gaming is not stopping there though, they are also upgrading the screen with a new modern LCD with backlight that is protected by a glass lens (originally the GBA had a plastic lens). Also, Rose Colored Gaming is creating original boxes for each version of their GBA mod, offering a warranty on new parts and labor and Rose Colored Gaming serial and model number stickers.

Source: Retro Game Network