Hardware Mod- Nintendo Entertainment System Fitted into NES Cartridge, Complete

We have seen a few systems receive the portable treatment over the last several years.  Consoles are the most fun to mod for those that are willing to take on the challenge.  Why?  Probably because PC’s are usually already available in some form of laptop setup.  That brings us to the Nintendo Entertainment System, a console that would have been a portable had Nintendo Okayed the original prototypes that were covered in early issues of Electronic Gaming Monthly.  While the NES has been modded to become a portable many times over, this is one the only ones to see the classic console fit into a cartridge case.

This modding job sees the Nintendo Entertainment System fit, after a bit of hacking and cutting, in a single NES cartridge, complete with screen.  This is not just a Nintendo NES playing cartridge, the “nesP” is capable of playing Game Boy and Game Boy Color games.  That is right, this is an emulation device, not an actual NES inside the cartridge, which is kind of disappointing but that is to be expected.  The NES was huge in comparison to the cartridges and there would be no real way to get it to fit inside the cartridge, without expanding the thickness of the cartridge.

The nesP features a 2.8” TFT LCD screen, the standard controls NES fans are used to and an internal storage capacity of 4GB (more than enough to hold all of the homebrew NES and Game Boy/Color games you could want).  The nesP also features an MP3 player/recorder, FM radio, photo viewer and is capable of playing videos (if you were inclined to do so on such a small screen).

Fans will have to shell out a bit of cash for this NES portable.  The nesP does not come cheap but it will come complete and ready to go, just not cheap.

Source: Youtube via Ausretrogamer.com