Hardware- Rose Colored Gaming to Release New Hand Held

Rose Colored Gaming apparently never sleep, if they are not releasing custom cartridges for Star Fox 2 they are doing something else.  Today, that something else is a whole new hand held for you to enjoy.  This is not a completely new device though, at least as far as what it does.  What Rose Colored Gaming are working on is called Pascal and it is based on the Raspberry Pi platform.

The Pascal will play over 10 different platforms, list below.  Currently the Pascal heavily favors the original Game Boy with a control layout that resembles that of the Super Nintendo controller.  There are additional ports on the Pascal though, including USB and HDMI.  There will be a small screen (no word on if it is touch or not) on the Pascal but with the HDMI port, you will be able to game on your big screen television with little trouble.

Rose Colored Gaming Pascal hand held mobile portable game boy (1)NES
MAME (Various Arcade)
GameBoy Color
GameBoy Advance
Turbo/PC – Engine
Sega Master System
Sega Genesis
Apple 2
Atari 2600

And More!

Imagine being able to play all of those platforms on the go (remember the Pascal is a portable).  Some games will be a little tougher to enjoy though such as role playing games that require several keys on a keyboard to enjoy (like Alternate Reality: The City and The Dungeon for instance).

Rose Colored Gaming Pascal hand held mobile portable game boy (2)The case will feature a mirror finish with a custom graphic by “Wig”.  Rose Colored Gaming also mentioned that personalized laser etching might be a possibility on final units.

Since Rose Colored Gaming are well known for the quality of their mods and upgrades I am not worried one bit about the quality of the Pascal.  This is going to be an interesting piece of hardware, most notably the price. Rose Colored Gaming are not known for going cheap with their stuff.

Source: Rose Colored Gaming on Facebook