HAWK Freedom Squadron Coming to Android with 2D Overhead Shooter Style

Verdia is in trouble from outside forces. You are tasked with protecting your homeland in HAWK Freedom Squadron. Taking on the role of a pilot in the war for Verdia’s freedom you will face over 100 overhead scrolling levels.

Developed by My.com, a Moscow Russia based developer, HAWK Freedom Squadron is a reminder of days gone by. My.com has taken to heart newer genres that are popular and infused a few details here and there into HAWK. One of those details is pulling pieces from the endless runner genre. This is not the normal mode, though, so retrogaming fans can rest easy. There are regular levels (over 100 of them) that feature endings and even boss fights finishing many.

Graphically, HAWK Freedom Squadron is obviously going for a cartoon look. I have absolutely no problem with this art style as it is actually quite good. Bosses are super large and detailed–just what you want in a scrolling shooter.

HAWK Freedom Squadron almost comes across as a bullet hell type shooter (I don’t care for those). I say almost, as in the video above, you can see that it is only a few enemies that spew tons of bullets onto the screen. From what I can tell, bosses flash when you are hammering the sweet spot to bring them down–just like the classics. That is a cool nod to the old days.

For me, HAWK Freedom Squadron is high on my watch list of future games. I may suck at scrolling shooters now but, back in the day, these were my favorite genre to play. Not since Sky Force Reloaded have I been excited over an overhead scrolling shooter on mobile.

HAWK Freedom Squadron by My.com
Genre: Overhead scrolling shooter
Platform: Android
Rated: Unknown, probably going to be E for Everyone
In App Purchases: Probably
Available first quarter 2017