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Humble Mobile Bundle

Humbe Mobile Bundle is a novel idea. Considering Google was late to the party with the gift code thing for Google Play, you are going to more than likely get the APK file when supporting this project. That means you can install the games on your devices, even ones that Google Play says are not supported. This months Humble Mobile Bundle is a doozy with a cool game in the lowest, $1, tier. Something we don’t see all that often.

First up the $1 bundle. This one includes Splitter Critters, Star Vikings Forever and the cool Galaxy of Pen and Paper. I am interested in this one for Galaxy there as I really enjoyed the earlier entries in this franchise.

Next up is the second to lowest bundle. This one features a couple of cool games I am interested in. Oxenfree, Mushroom 11 and Another Lost Phone: Laura’s Story. Oxenfree is a wild adventure game and Another Lost Phone is one of those augmented reality style games that will make you uncomfortable playing it at times.

The top tier features only two games and is currently at about $5 as of this writing so get in early if you want the lowest possible price. Party Hard GO and Death Road to Canada are the included titles. Party Hard GO is kind of a new take on the Postal game where you are simply killing the people in the game just to kill them. The idea is you are a neighbor that is tired of the parties and instead of calling the cops, you decide to turn these parties into their last.

Death Road to Canada is kind of like Gauntlet meets The Walking Dead. There are purportedly 500+ zombies on the screen at once as you battle your way to Canada from city to city.

Head over to the Humble Mobile Bundle site to get in on these titles.

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