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Interview with Realore, Makers of Roads of Rome 2

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Furthering our work to feature independent developers/publishers, we are proud to release our interview with Realore, who created the Roads of Rome series of games (RoR2 was reviewed here).  Judging by the number of people reading that review, our fans are just as interested in this game series as we are in bringing more coverage of it to them.  Below is the short interview we had with them:

Gaming on Batteries (GoB)- Would you like to introduce yourself to our readers?
Realore- Here at Realore we have been creating and publishing casual, social games, games for mobile phones and other platforms (flash, Mac, Pocket PC, Nintendo DS, iPhone, iPad and Android) since 2002. The company has published more than 60 titles including such renowned games as Jane’s Hotel, Roads of Rome, Island Tribe and All My Gods (which is soon coming to the iOS platform).

GoB- How long was the development process for Roads of Rome 2?
Realore- It took us 8 months to develop the game.

GoB  -Why Rome? What were some other eras that were in the running for the final game?
Realore  - We considered several different locations such as Ancient Egypt or Aztec Empire but decided if favor of the Roman Empire. Why? This time period seems to be the most controversial in history: the time of wars, blood, and harsh laws, yet the time of great changes, luxury and beauty. This epoch has always been mysterious for people; this is why a great amount of films, stories and legends take place in Ancient Rome. So, we could not afford to stand aside.
GoB  -Will we see an Android version someday?
Realore -It is one of Realore’s favorite games) and we are thinking of porting it to the Android platform in the nearest future.

GoB   -What is next for Realore and the Roads of Rome series?
Realore -There is the conclusion of the trilogy on the way to be released on the iOS (it is already out on PC and Mac). As far as the 4th chapter in Roads of Rome series, we haven’t made any decisions yet. But we are constantly receiving positive feedbacks from our fans and everyone keeps asking to continue the series.

Roads of Rome 2 HD is available now in the iTunes App Store.

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