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Interview With Steve Miller and Bad Ass Games

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We don’t usually cover Kickstarter campaigns here at Gaming on Batteries so you know, when we do, there is something pretty special about the game in question.  That is the case with Temple of the Sun and Moon by Bad Ass Games and this interview with Steve Miller, the man behind the very interesting title that is coming to Android.  Let’s get on with it and maybe you will see why we are excited about this title too.

Gaming on Batteries) Please introduce yourself to our readers
Steve Miller) My name is Steve Miller and I’m the founder of Bad Ass Games, an indie game company based out of San Francisco. I grew up on video games. I’ve traveled to the end of time with Crono and Glenn, saved the world from the evil Sinistrals, and made it home in time for Ness to have a slice of pizza. When I’m not saving the world or building worlds of my own, I’m finishing up my degree in Game Design at the Academy of Art University.

Gaming on Batteries ) What made you decide to make a 1st Person Role Playing Game?
Steve Miller)  There was really no question for me that I would make an RPG some day, it was just a question of what that game would turn out to be. While The Temple of the Sun and Moon isn’t an RPG in the traditional sense, it has all the RPG elements that I love – customizable stats, clever puzzles, magic spells, cool weapons, and rich lore. I chose to do it in the first-person style because, when I began the project, I was playing a lot of “Skyrim” and “Legend of Grimrock”, two games that have had a huge impact on the style and gameplay development.

Gaming on Batteries ) What were some influential games your played over the years?
Steve Miller) Far and away, The Elder Scrolls has been the most influential series for me. Those games have everything. You can spend years walking the landscape until you know every square inch, memorize every line of dialogue, install every mod, and those games still find a way to surprise you. I’ve yet to find a comparable RPG experience. I also have to give a huge nod to Final Fantasy Tactics. That game packed more heart and soul into a single battle than most games have in their entirety. A rich, engaging combat system with infinite replayability; a deep storyline full of intrigue, conspiracy, and betrayal -truly a masterpiece.

Gaming on Batteries ) In App Purchases, yay or nay?
Steve Miller) Definitely nay. I recognize the need for developers to make money, but the whole concept flies in the face of what video games are supposed to be. At best, it’s sanctioned cheating and at worst, it draws you out of the experience that you’ve already paid good money for. Unfortunately, it looks like it’s going to get worse before it gets better.

Gaming on Batteries ) Will there be expansions later for The Temple of the Sun and Moon?
Steve Miller) Absolutely. I’m a big fan of expansions. Sometimes you get to the end of a game and you just NEED more. I’d love to take player’s outside of the temple and into the world beyond. The Temple has a rich history with plenty of lore, but there’s so much more to explore beyond its walls. Even I’m not sure what we’ll find there, but I can’t wait!

Gaming on Batteries ) Action or turn based- which do you prefer in your RPG’s?
Steve Miller) I used to prefer turn-based, but the concept has become really stagnant because few companies have tried to expand on it. Final Fantasy did a great job expanding on turn-based combat, but they’ve been moving away in the past few releases. So I have to go with action-based because it just seems to have received more attention by the industry. As a result, it’s just more fun all-around.

Gaming on Batteries ) What is your favorite color?
Steve Miller) Breath of Fire blue.

Gaming on Batteries ) If you could meet one famous person, who would it be?
Steve Miller) I feel like everyone gives this answer, but I’d say Stephen King. He’s been a big influence on me because he takes used-up concepts and injects new life into them, making them feel fresh and original all over again. In a way, this is what making video games is all about.

Gaming on Batteries ) Have you programmed any other games?
Steve Miller) Not commercially, but I’m no strange to it either. However, I’ve primarily worked as a Character Artist before this. This is definitely my biggest undertaking by far. Like my father used to say, “Don’t let not-knowing-how stop you from doing something you really want to do.”

Gaming on Batteries ) What is on the horizon for you and programming?
Steve Miller) As soon as Temple is out on the market, I can’t wait to get started on the expansion pack. Also, be on the lookout for it on other platforms including OUYA, PC, and potentially iOS. In the longterm, Bad Ass Games is just getting started, and we’ll be around as long as there are stories to be told.

We would like to thank Steve for taking the time to answer these questions, we had more but we are holding them back for a follow up interview (besides, he has a game to make).

For more on Temple of the Sun and the Moon, check out Bad Ass Games on Kickstarter and maybe throw a buck or ten their way and be a part of making a cool dungeon crawler happen.

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