Into the Dead 2 Enters Pre-Order Stage on Google Play

Into the Dead 2 PIKPOK Android

Ah, zombie games. They are all over the place and some are not worth your time even looking at them in the various stores, let alone downloading them. Into the Dead 2 is a sequel, duh, to one of the more original zombie games to come out in recent years. Instead of a horror game where you are stuck in a building, have a restricted view, and of course lack adequate protective armaments – Into the Dead 2 follows the path the first one trudged. 3D first person endless running, through a horde of zombies. Hence the title of the franchise.

If you are like me then you probably have a tough time remembering things. Luckily there is a pre-order option available for Into the Dead 2. Should you go ahead and put your name on the list? Let’s find out.

First, the release date is October 13th, 2017 – that is a Friday for those not keeping track of the calendar. Kind of cool that they are releasing this on such an iconic horror date. They have that going for them with Into the Dead 2 but a release date has never made a game worth playing.

Okay, onto the substance part of this news post. Into the Dead 2 is a 3D endless runner that has you dodging and shooting zombies that just want a midnight snack. If you are unable to avoid the zombies then you must fight in hand to rotting hand combat (you better have a melee weapon available or this is going to be one sided). The levels are varied featuring run down towns, woods, train tracks, lumber yards, etc.

Apparently, there will be some cool additions to Into the Dead 2 including an ongoing evolving story line, multiple environments to avoid the dead in, and even new canine companions to assist you in your journey.

What do you get for pre-ordering? A free SMG weapon.

Let us know if you are going to be grabbing Into the Dead 2 on launch day. Maybe we can have some competitions for distance with some cool prizes from the Gaming on Batteries offices.

Into the Dead 2 by PIKPOK
Platform: Android
Genre: Endless Runner
Rated: Unknown
In App Purchases: Probably
Available October 13th on Google Play. Pre-register on Google Play or the Into the Dead 2 website.

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