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iOS Sales Focus: Role Playing Games

symphony of origin

The recent coverage of an upcoming indie role playing game, Temple of the Sun and Moon (with interview), got me to thinking that it would be cool to offer up some other role playing games that are on sale right now for iOS (working on something for Android but large scale sales there are hard to track).  Check out the list of cool RPG’s that are on sale right now for your iPhone and iPad:

RPG Symphony of the Origin by Kemco ($3.99 introduction price).  Kemco have designed Symphony from the ground up for smart phones and it shows.  Turn based combat, an interesting storyline and graphics that look pretty neat.  Check it out while it is available for cheap.

Solarian Tactics by Haiku Games (currently free).  If you want turn based strategy in your RPG (think Shining Force for retro fans) then here you go.  The grid layout seems pretty rigid but the storyline more than makes up for the appearance of innovation on the battlefield.  In all fairness, the battlefields of the Shining Force series was pretty limited too, just more graphically engaging so it was not as noticeable.

Heroes and Castles by Foursaken Media (currently $0.99).  I don’t get the regular Tower Defense gameplay model (unless it is like Plants vs Zombies or Pixel Kingdom) but when there is more to do than just TD then it is possibly a good thing.  Mixing role playing elements, huge battles and the building of your castle- then defending it, is quite a mix and makes Heroes and Castles worth a look.

Serious Dungeon by team SF (currently $0.99).  Okay, get over the pixelated graphics and give this a try.  Old school turn based role playing gaming is what you will find here with Serious Dungeon.  For the price, it is worth a shot.

Dragon Island Blue by NTT Resonant Inc. (currently free). If you like Pokemon then you are going to want to grab Dragon Island Blue while it is free.  Check the screens out and just download it already.

Rounding out our list of cheap, fun role playing games is Slayin by FDG Entertainment (currently $0.99).  What we have here is an endless runner mixed with an RPG engine.  For some reason, Slayin reminds me quite a bit of the Sega CD classic, Popful Mail.  Either way, an interesting mix of genres.

There you go, for less than $7, you can have six role playing games that run the gamut from retro graphics to strategy to tower defense and a ton of hours of gameplay derived from each.  When you buy one, drop by and tell us in the comments below what you thought of it.  Want to see a review of a particular title?  Let us know and we will push it to the top of our list.

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