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JXD S601 Android Gaming Hand Held

JXD s601 Android Hand Held Gaming Device Google Market

JXD have several hand held devices on the market from tablet designs (S9000 and the S7600) to 4.3 inch (S601) and 7 inch (S7100B) models that feature physical controls.  The price range is quite varied also from under one hundred dollars to about $250 (not including shipping charges).

The S601 can be easily converted to access the North American Android Market with a little know how and dedication.  Once it is converted users can purchase Android Apps from the Market just like any domestically purchased device.

The list of Android games that will run without graphical problems and use physical controls is growing every day as the technicians here at Gaming on Batteries discover more titles.  Due to the lower resolution of the screen, many games will have graphical errors while others will simply not play at all.  Gaming on Batteries staff will be providing a comprehensive list of titles and their status on the S601 Android Gaming Hand Held.

The S601 is compatible with a lot of Sony Xperia Play  games and we will be noting those as we do all titles by graphics, gameplay and otehr factors that can effect enjoyment levels of the player.  If it sucks, are going to tell you, if it runs like crap, we are going to tell you.  If a game runs great but is not supported according to Google Play/Android Market, we will do our best to supply a proper location to purchase paid apps and download free ones.

Specs include:
ARM Cortex A9 600 MHZ CPU
ARM Mali400 3D graphics acceleration hardware GPU
(Documentation has the S601 listed with a 1 GHZ CPU, they combined the graphics GPU speed with the CPU speed to get that number).
512MB DDR3
Wi-Fi(802.11 b/g/n)
Android 2.3
4.3″ Resistive Touch Screen at 272×480 resolution
Flash 10.3 supported (Flash 11.x works fine after upgrade)
Gravity Sensor (Everyone loves to “waggle”)
Up to about 5 hours of battery life (real world tests put this at about 4 to 6 hours depending on what you are using the device for)
A rather long list of languages are supported by the default OS installation (too many to list here).

We have partnered with Willgoo.com to provide reliable delivery of the S601 for anyone interested in purchasing this great little hand held.   Click the pic to hit their site and make your purchase today!

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