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JXD S7300 7 Inch Android Tablet Hardware Review


When you say tablet gaming, most people will immediately think of the iPad by Apple or to a lesser extent, one of the myriad of Android tablets that most big box stores carry.  JXD is probably not a name that anyone will shout out right off the bat, that needs to change because they really are going in a different direction with their tablets.  A direction that to me, seems quite honestly, surprising that no one has gone in yet.

It has to be something about having physical controller buttons on a tablet that turns off most people.  I for one love them.  No having to fumble for auxiliary hardware that only complicates playing the games that support controllers, no having to balance several pieces of hardware on the go (let alone keeping track of it all).

The JXD S7300 is just what you would expect in a newer tablet, it is a dual core 1.5 gighertz CPU, 1 gig of RAM, 8 gigs of memory and external storage expansion.  There is also a mini HDMI slot, USB charging slot and a power cord plug (small round one) along with the usual headphone jack.  Sound is supplied through stereo speakers located just below the action buttons on either side of the tablet (sound is great and clear and doesn’t come off as muffled).

On the face of the S7300 we have normally labeled buttons such as Y, X, B, A on the right and dual analog sticks and a joypad crosspad on the left.  Just above the left analog stick is a camera (only one).  On top of the S7300 you find an L1/L2 and R1/R2 buttons, similar to what Sony has had on their home consoles since their outset.  All around, the basics are covered here in the S7300, this is what was advertised and that is what was delivered.

The proof is in the pudding as they say and here, that is games.  The S7300 has the power to play some of the best games on Android including Dead Trigger, Beach Buggy Blitz and many other big name hits (I am still trying to figure out what runs great and what doesn’t).  The screen of the S7300 is capacitive and very sensitive so playing games like Temple Run 2 or Vector will be no problem at all.

One area I want to focus on with the S7300 is the onscreen touch to key mapping.  This little app is just awesome.  You don’t have to drop out of the game or App that you are using to implement it, simply click the little controller at the bottom of the screen and it comes out, overlaying your current screen.  No more having to guess where to place buttons as is the case with GameKeyBoard, or trying to map onscreen actions to the right physical button (the button on the screen you are moving in real time is named the same as the physical button it is tied to).  This is awesome for games like Asura Cross that have support only for onscreen buttons.

While the S7300 may be a little out of the price range for most (starting at about $160+), the S7300 is definitely worth the money.

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