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JXD S601

Android devices are known to be different and sometimes incompatible with each other so developers sometimes release games for specific hardware, or try to program in as compatible a manner as possible.  To help alleviate any troubles new owners of the JXD S601 system we are diligently working to provide a comprehensive list of Apps and games that are compatible with this interesting import hand held.   All screens are captured on an actual S601 system (coming soon).


A Space Shooter For Free (Overhead Shooter)
Agent Dash (3D Running) Review 89/100
Airbag Frank 3D (Slingshot/Physics) Review 40/100
AirAttack HD Part 1 (Overhead Shooter)
Alien Plant Planet (2D Action/Platform)
Angry Birds (Physics)
Angry Birds Rio (Physics)
Angry Birds Seasons (Physics)
Angry Birds Space (Physics) Review 88/100
Assaulter (2D Action/Adventure)
Avenger (2D Action/Adventure)
Awesome Video Poker! (Card Game)
Baseball Superstars® 2012 (Sports/Baseball)
Battle Fury Pro (Strategy RPG)
Beach Buggy Blitz (3D Running/Kart Racing) Review 94/100 Pics – 1 2 3 4 5  6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15
Blazing Star (Side Scrolling Shooter/Retro/Neo Geo) Review 85/100 Pics – 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14
Blood and Glory (3D Fighting) Review 84/100
Blood and Glory Unrated (3D Fighting) Same as above
Bombergeddon Premium (Arcade/Adventure) Review 84/100
Brothers In Arms® 2 Free+ (FPS)
Castle of Shadows (same as Avenger but different name) (2d Action/Adventure) Review 90/100
Circus City (Time Management)
Codemon (Pokemon Style) Review 87/100
Cordy (2.5D Action/Adventure)
Dead on Arrival (Overhead Action/Shooter)
Deuces Wild Video Poker FREE (Cards)
Devil Hunter (Puzzle) Review 83/100
Devil’s Attorney (Adventure) Review 85/100 Pics – 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Diversion (3D Action/Platform)
Dungelot (Rogue like/Adventure/Dungeon Crawler) Review 89/100 Pics – 1 2 3 4 5
Dungelot Lite (Rog like/Adventure/Dungeon Crawler)
Dungeon Defenders: Second Wave (Action RPG)
Dungeon Village (Simulation) Review 80/100
Easy Video Poker (Cards)
Elemental Knights Online BLUE (MMORPG)
Elements (Puzzle) Review 91/100
Empire Story (Time Management)
End It All (Falling/Physics) Review 60/100
Eternity Warriors (Overhead Action/Adventure)
Exorcist-3D Fantasy Shooter (Overhead Action/Adventure)
Fish Reef (Simulation) Article
Fish Reef Deluxe (Simulation) Article
Fishing Diary (Simulation) Article
Fishing Master (Simulation) Article
Freekick Battle (Sports/Soccer) Review 90/100
Fruit Ninja Free (Slicing)
Garfield’s Diner (Time Management) Review 88/100
GT Racing: Motor Academy Free+ (3D Racing)
Gun Bros Multiplayer (Overhead/Shooter)
Homerun Battle 3D Free (Sports/Baseball)
Inotia3: Children of Carnia (Action RPG)
Iron Crusade (Worms/Physics) Review 80/100
Iron Rusher (Action)
Jewels Link! (Puzzle)
Jewels Maze! (Puzzle)
Joker Wild Video Poker (Cards)
Judge Dredd vs Zombies (Movie Tie-in/Overhead Shooter) Review 75/100, 82/100 (with GameKeyBoard)
Kill Box (Auto Run)
King Pirate (Action RPG)
Lep’s World (Action/Platform)
Letris 2 (Educational) Review 70/100
Mad Men Job Interview
(Digital Comic/Advergame) Review 40/100
Mad Tracks (Racing)
Magician’s Handbook (Hidden Object)
Max Payne Mobile (3rd Person Shooter) Review 85/100
Miracle City (Time Management)
My Country (Time Management)
My Railway (Train Simulation)
Neoteria FREE (2D Shooter)
One Epic Game (Auto Run) Review 70/100
Oregon Trail, the: Settler (Time Management) (Severe graphic problems)
Overkill (Turret Shooter)
Pac-Chomp! (Puzzle)
PAC-MAN Championship Ed. Demo (Maze)
Pinball Arcade (Pinball)
Pirates of the Caribbean (Turret Shooter/Pirate Sim/Social)
Pitfall! (3D Running) Pics – 1 2 3 4 5
Plants vs Zombies (Tower Defense) Have to purchase from Amazon App Store
Plumber Crack (Flick) Review 82/100
Pocket League Story (Simulation)
Poker Square (Cards)
Push the Zombie (Physics) Review 75/100
Puzzle & Dragons (Match 3)
Puzzle Spopkling (Puzzle) Review 76/100 Pics – 1 2 3 4 5
Raging Thunder Lite (3D Racing)
Raging Thunder 2 Lite (3D Racing)
Raiden Legacy (Overhead Shooter/Arcade) Review 85/100 Pics – 1 2 3 4 5
RAIDEN-Sky Force Ace (Overhead Space Shooter)
Rail Rush (3D Running) Review 65/100
Restaurant Story (Time Management)
Rock the Vegas (Time Management)
Roller Ball (Flick Game)
Run Like Hell! (Auto Runner)
Running Fred (3D Running) Review 88/100
Save Ass Shooter (Physics)
Scrabble Free (Word/Social)
Scramble With Friends (Word/Social) Review 87/100
Slice It! (Puzzle) Review 80/100
Slots Royale (Slot Machine)
Smurfs’ Village (Time Management)
Songpop (Music Match) Review 85/100
Sonic 4: Episode 1 (2D Action-Platform) Review 75/100
Star Gems (Puzzle) Review 93/100
Star Legends (3D MMO)
Super Stickman Golf (Physics)
Tap Safari (Time Management)
Tap Zoo (Time Management)
Tap Zoo: Santa’s Quest (Time Management)
Tappily Ever After (Time Management)
Temple Run
(Runner) Review 88/100
Terrapets (Gotta Catch em All)
Third Blade (Action RPG)
Timebuilders: Caveman’s Prophecy (Time Management) Review 70/100
Tiny Village (Time Management)
Train Conductor 2 (Strategy)
Treasures of Montezuma 3 (Match 3 Puzzle) Review 90/100
Truffula Shuffula – The Lorax (Puzzle/Movie License) Review 80/100
Virtua Tennis Challenge (Sports/Tennis) Review in GoB Mag #1 96/100
Virtual City (Time Management)
Virtual City Playground (Time Management)
Voltage (Puzzle)
Warspear Online (MMORPG)
Where’s My Water? (Puzzle/Physics)  Review 85/100
Where’s My Water? Free (Puzzle/Physics)
Wild Blood (3D Action Adventure) Prevew Pics – 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Wizschool (Match 3) Preview Review 89/100
Words With Friends Free (Social) Review 85/100
Zenonia 4 (Action RPG)
Zombie’s Fury 2 (Defense Game)
Zoo Story: Best Pets & Animals (Time Management)

Bandit Games (not “officially” supported but work just fine on the JXD S601):
Lode Runner X (Retro/Action/Adventure) Review 89/100

Avoid Till Further Notice (Games that Google Play says will work on the S601 but don’t):
Let’s Golf! 3 (Sports/Golf) (Game Will Not Load)
Mahjong Artifacts: Chapter 2 (Puzzle) Article
Super Monkey Ball 2: Sakura Edition
(Physics) Article
Treasures of Montezuma 2 Lite (Match 3 Puzzle)

2600.emu (Atari 2600)
ColEm (ColecoVision)
DroidEmuLite (Multi Emulator)
fMSX (MSX Computer)
GBC.emu (Game Boy Color)
(Sega Genesis)
ggNES (Nintendo)
GnGeoLibs (Neo Geo)
iNES (Nintendo)
John GBC (Game Boy Color)
John GBC Lite (Game Boy Color)
John NES Lite (Nintendo)
MAME4droid (0.37b5) (Arcade)
MAME4droid Reloaded (0.139) (Arcade)
MasterGear (Sega Game Gear)
Mojo Genesis (Sega Genesis)
Mojo SNES (Super Nintendo)
MSX.emu (MSX Computer)
Mupen64+AE (Nintendo 64)
Mupen64Plus, AE (Nintendo 64)
N64 4 Droid (Nintendo 64)
Neo.emu (Neo Geo)
NeoDroid (Neo Geo)
NES-FC Lite (Nintendo)
NGP.emu (Neo Geo Pocket)
PCE.emu (PC Engine/Turbo Grafx-16)
SNESDroid (Super Nintendo)
SuperGNES (Super Nintendo)
SuperGNES Lite (Super Nintendo)
VGBA (Game Boy Advance)
WonderDroid (Wonder Swan)
Xpectroid ZX (ZX Spectrum)


Adobe AirAny (Tools)
Adobe Flash 11 (Tools)
Adobe Photoshop Express (Photography)
Adobe Reader
(PDF Reader)
AnTuTu Benchmark (Tools)
Any.DO: To Do List (Task List)
Build.prop Editor (System Tool)
Cash4Books Scan and Sell Books (Selling Tool)
Chainfire 3D (Graphics Wrapper/Tools)
Dolphin Browser HD (Web Browser)
Firefox (Web Browser)
Full Length Classic Movies (Video)
Getglue (Social)
Google Maps (Cookie Dough)
Google Play Books (Books)
Kindle (Books)
Kongregate (Online Games Portal)
Onlive Helper  (Tools)
Opera Mini Browser
(Web Browser)
Opera Mobile Browser (Web Browser)
Movies by Flixster (Movie Information)
MyTaxRefund by TurboTax – Free (Taxes)
Netflix (Movie Streaming)
NVIDIA TegraZone (NVIDIA Store)
Pandora® Internet Radio (Streaming Audio)
PDF GView (PDF Reader)
Photo Art – Color Effects (Photography)
Plume for Twitter (Tweets)
ScanLife Barcode & QR Reader (Barcode/QR Reader)
Screen Capture Shortcut Free (Screen Capture)
Screenshot (Screen Capture)
Screenshot Free (Screen Capture)
Screenshot It Trial (Screen Capture)
Screenshot UX Trial (Screen Capture)
Seesmic (Facebook, Twitter/Social)
Steam (Account Manag (Nintendo 64)er)
Weather Chann (Racing)el, the (Weather, um, App)
Youtube (Streaming Video)

Live Wall Papers:
3D Koi Pond Live Wallpaper
3D Melting Candle Free
aniPet Aquarium LiveWallpaper
Aquarium Free Live Wallpaper
Fireflies Live Wallpaper Free
KF FlDead on Arrivalames Free Live Wallpaper
Koi Free Live Wallpaper
Seabed Live Wallpaper
Season Zen Free
Shameless Live Wallpaper
Storm (Live wallpaper)
Thunderstorm Live Wallpaper


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